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Clockwise from top left: @henrysttaproom Every pic they post makes us go "Can we go grab a beer at Henry Street?". @macsfieldnotes I think we've consistently liked every photo she has posted since the beginning, great style, horse heavy, and beautifully shot pictures. @mamatoga Our very own Jenny is a must follow for all of you with children. @tuckernuck is preppy perfection, more than once we have bought something based solely on seeing it on their gorgeous Instagram feed.

Clockwise from top left: @deliciouslyella sometimes makes us feel bad for not eating healthier, but also sometimes inspires us to just have the green juice instead of coffee #5. @kateofny We don't know her in real life, but we feel like we would be friends if we did, she is hilarious. @workforbillc Because Bill Cunningham is the best. THE BEST. @betches The funniest women on Instagram.

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WEEKEND It List: 1/30


Rich Ortiz is at Cantina (430 Broadway in Saratoga Springs) tonight (Friday) starting at 9pm. You know what else is there? Margaritas and fish tacos. Sort of a perfect Friday night if you ask us.

Spa Happy Hour? That's a real thing?! From 4-7pm on Friday at Spa Cascada you can enjoy complimentary spa beverages, wine, cheese and crackers while you indulge in a 30 minute massage, Coconut Creme Body Glow, or an On the Go Facial. Love. It. Call them to make reservations, space is limited, (518) 583-4850.

On Friday night the 11th Annual Winterfest Wine & Beer Tasting is happening from 6-9pm at Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs, just $20 Single Admission or $30 per couple. You can sample a selection of delicious wines and beers paired with a lavish display of savory hors d’oeuvres. Plus, the proceeds will go to benefit the Wesley Foundation and Relay for Life: American Cancer Society.

Before you load up on twenty three cups of chowder on Saturday, head to a free yoga class at Healthy Living Market and Cafe from 8:15–9:15am Saturday morning. The class is free but register ahead of time here.

CHOWDERFEST 2015 IS HERE. Grab a fistful of ones, throw on a scarf and hit Broadway spoon in hand.

This weather is putting us in a fondue mood. Can a local restaurant please get on that for us? Thank you in advance.

Force Majeure is playing now at the Saratoga Film Forum. The NY Times called it a "brilliant, viciously amusing takedown of bourgeois complacency", consider our interest piqued.

Game of Thrones Trailer for Season 5, have you seen it yet?!

Also, I guess there's a big sports game happening this weekend? Stay tuned for some full local coverage from us on that one...

Opera Saratoga Wants YOU {Annual Meeting & Town Hall}

Opera Saratoga invites all members of the community to the 2015 annual meeting and town hall discussion. This is a free event open to everyone in the region. It's is the first time Opera Saratoga has held an open meeting/discussion of this nature and is designed to encourage the public to actively participate in the future of this dynamic arts organization.

The annual meeting will be led by Board President Rosemarie Rosen and The Friends of Opera Saratoga meeting will be led by President Ellen Riley. Artistic and General Director Lawrence Edelson will speak with the community about recent changes at Opera Saratoga and announce exciting new projects on the horizon. Opera Saratoga is working hard to serve the community and make opera more accessible. The town hall format will provide the public an opportunity to ask questions and become involved with the future plans.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, January 31st at 10am at the Dee Sarno Theater - Saratoga Arts - 320 Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Please let them know if you are planning on attending by RSVPing to Bates Childress at 518-584-6018. Free parking is available nearby in the public parking garage on the corner of Henry and Spring streets.

Why we consider this weekend the best of the winter {A guide, of sorts}

Why do we consider this the best weekend of the winter? It's simple..  every year, two events fall back to back that are a perfect combination of eating, drinking & just plain fun. Of course we mean Chowderfest & the Super Bowl. We've tackled this double header for years now & felt it was our duty to walk you through it-

Let's break it down starting with Saturday. Everything is better when we do it together, meaning layering the perfect indoor/outdoor outfit and trudging out into the freezing temperatures doesn't bother us at all when it's Chowderfest Saturday. Embracing the winter means it might feel totally normal to order your first drink at 11:15am & if you have any doubts, look around you for reassurance, this is an accepting crowd.





Try to sample as many chowders as you can, they are the perfect base for an afternoon spent tippling. You'll probably lose your ballot by 2pm, but don't worry, someone will manage to get you a t-shirt.







Plan on heading home in the evening & feeling weird about the fact you're still hungry for dinner-you'll get over it quickly & order some Spring Street as a final act of this delicious day. Waking up on Sunday you might be sad for a minute that Chowderfest has come and gone for another year, before you start brushing your teeth and realize it's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Remember that you've got plans to watch the game & argue over Tom Brady/ the Patriots/ something Gisele did or hang out on the couch all afternoon-you're not being lazy, exercise is basically forbidden today. Tolerate the game, over analyze the commercials, snack until you can't snack anymore. Wake up Monday morning and vaguely recall that New Year's resolution.. oh well, it was worth it. Best. Weekend. All. Winter. 


Style Suggestions: SPAC Winter Ball {for the ladies}

A little stylish start for your day with a nod to 50s style to help you get ready for the SPAC Winter Ball (Feb 28th) which has a vintage Hollywood theme this year.

Dresses & shoes: all from Modcloth

Pearls: Fornash

Hair Inspiration: Betty Draper

Beauty: classics like Chanel no. 5, a perfect poppy red from NARS, and big lashes without the falsies with this curler.

Clutch: vintage

Umm.. Snow ..? Snow day ? We had a plan !

We really wanted a snow day .. So much so we basically had the whole day planned ..

(from cookies, moving clockwise) Get your Barefoot Contessa on- there couldn't be a better day to try your hand at her Salty Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Coookies

Do a little doodling.. of your name that is, you're going to want to perfect it before Lola Accessory Boutique turns it into a necklace 

Turn up the volume & smile knowing you've got a ticket to "It was 51 Years Ago"--A Celebration of The Beatles at Caffe Lena this Saturday because guess what.. it is totally sold out. 

Snuggle up on the couch & dive into a read from local Chris Millis. If you loved Small Apartments, you won't move until the snow stops or you hit the last page

A Tuesday Afternoon Snow Day? Sounds like the perfect moment to test drive "7 Ways to Spike your Hot Chocolate" 

3 episodes isn't exactly a binge watch, so we recommend catching up with Hannah halfway through Season 3 before diving into Season 4

You've been indulging yourself all day, take a break & go check out Code Blue's website- decide to donate or volunteer. 

Brainstorm auction items, draft sponsorship letters & start thinking summer- committees are in full swing organizing events for Summer 2015, including Saratoga Bridges Annual White Party, one of our favorites. 

Over the weekend ..

Lots of wins at last night's SAG Awards but none sweeter than seeing three of Don O'Neill's THEIA gowns on stage! A big congratulations to the darling of Saratoga fashionistas who is killing it this awards season. Below, a warm summer memory: Theia's Don O'Neill & Evelyn Anastos pose with Natalie Sillery at the Saratoga Fashion Show in August.  

How could we miss this perfect pairing? One of our favorite local juices spotted with our favorite downstate workout..Clarity Juice by Syd & Soul Cycle are a match made in upstate/downstate heaven.

The countdown to Chowderfest is on & details are trickling out about what our favorite spots will be serving, including this gem- Ice luges & oysters at Sperry's! Style points go to TC Bakery- Paris who will be serving these 'Clam with a Pearl, Sea Salt & Caramel Macaroons' in front of their Henry Street location. 


Tomorrow sounds like it's going to be a snow day.. it just depends if we get 3 or 30 inches

More importantly, with the frigid temperatures outside, our Code Blue program has never been more important & is always looking for volunteers or donations, click here for how you can help - 

WEEKEND It List 1/23



This weather is getting blaaaaaah, we need a pop of color. This little Rebecca Minkoff in hot pink from Lola Boutique will do.

Sperry's is going to have a Jameson ice luge, fresh shucked oysters and an ice bar for Chowderfest this year?! Well done, Sperry's, well done (also see you there). Speaking of Chowderfest, are you going to get a Chug? Get a Chug. All the cool kids are doing it.

And now that we're on the topic of Ice Bars, has anyone been to the Sagamore's Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge? If we must suffer through this weather then we might as well make the most of it, amirite?

Druthers has a new menu going on and a new menu item called Monte Cristo egg rolls. I'll try one or three, you know, just to sample. Maybe four. Okay make it five. Six it is.

We are super excited for the SPAC Winter Ball and we are loving the vintage Hollywood theme. Our only problem is are we going to go with a Katharine Hepburn vibe or a Marilyn vibe (because we could pull off either one, OBVIOUSLY).

SO MUCH CHILI THIS WEEKEND. Here, and also here. Consider it practice for Chowderfest.

Get those credit cards ready and help them make the move easier at Saratoga Saddlery, huge moving sale going on.

We eat local, why not drink local too? Find this locally made Pick Six vodka at Saratoga Wine and Spirits and lock down the whole local thing this weekend.

Finally, do you follow us on Instagram yet? We follow you! We swear! Find us here. Tag us in your party posts #thesaratogasocial and you might find yourself featured here, you lucky thing you.


Winter Style

We popped into Alpine Sport Shop the other day, petted the lovely Gilda (pictured below) and while we wanted to linger by their unbelievably charming fireplace we had to stock up on stuff for a trip up to Lake Placid next week. Here are our top picks for style on the ski mountain this winter, stay tuned for our top apres ski spots in town as well (hint: if it has a fireplace it's probably on our list).

Okay we'll admit, the idea of a down filled skirt (even for in the lodge having a drink) seemed ridiculous until we saw these. They might, just might, change our minds. Stuffed with warm 700-fill-power down, the Pip is built with 100 percent polyester ripstop to stand up to everyday wear; the contoured waist zips and snaps shut. Plus two handwarmer pockets. Now the problem is to decide which color to get it in.

A little bit of fur, a whole lot of warm, find Marmot styles like this one at Alpine. Also at Alpine we picked up THE MOST COMFORTABLE SKI SOCK EVER. Seriously. Euro Socks. Get some. And these Burton floral print gloves are just pretty, plain and simple.

Ski goggles, we have a love hate relationship with you, but we just love these.

Kiehl's lip balm in a no nonsense, no shine formula.

Shearling infinity scarf is A YES. 100%. And one pom pom is not enough on a hat, we need three please.

Skis pictured are from Fischer Sports.

The only thing that could improve Alpine's little set up here would be if they served Hot Toddies

The only thing that could improve Alpine's little set up here would be if they served Hot Toddies

Gilda, you're the sweetest.

Gilda, you're the sweetest.

A little downtown action update:

So much going on downtown these days, with new businesses, expansions, relocations, etc, it's hard to keep up. We can't get falafel off our mind after spotting new eatery the Falafel Den on Phila Street this week &  just found their menu online. 

It looks VERY promising featuring not only classic falafel preparations but gyros, grape leaves & yummy looking salads and wraps. We also noticed Saratoga Saddlery is relocating down to the Algonquin Building (into the former Turkish Bazaar space). Which leaves us wondering.. who will be taking the former Saddlery space.. & speaking of empty spaces, we are so ready for someone to move into the old Living Room restaurant on Caroline Street, which seems like it has been vacant forever. We had heard a rumor that a local italian restaurant was opening a second location there, but no action yet. Newcomer Kane's Fine Wine & Spirits seems to be a big hit downtown, especially with the thirsty east sider's & we know several of you counting down the minutes until Smashburger opens up next to Fresh Market. Last but certainly not least, we cannot wait to see how 15 Church's expansion turns out. We are so in love with their food, we may just show up with a hammer & offer to help out. 

And last but certainly not least, we cannot wait to see how 15 Church's expansion turns out. We are so in love with their food, we may just show up with a hammer & offer to help out. 

Saratoga Gallery Hop

We were walking down Broadway earlier this week & spotted a piece in Spa Fine Art's Gallery that caught our eye. Three hours later, we wrapped up an impromptu gallery tour & took a few pictures along the way. We visited Spa Fine Art's GalleryThe Niche Gallery, Silverwood Home & Gallery and Saratoga Arts Center.

It was great getting to know some of the local artists featured in our downtown galleries and we will have to do another gallery hop soon & pop into Spring Street Gallery, (who are having this great show on Saturday) & Beekman Street Gallery, amongst others.

We loved all of the work at Spa Fine Art's Gallery on Broadway including the pieces on the left by Greg Montgomery. If they look familiar, that's probably because you've seen his series of posters for the Traver's Stakes. 

Currently, Silverwood is featuring Takeyce Walter, Jennifer Lanne& Gigi Begin in their Gallery. We love Gigi's country themed pieces, inspired by her farm in Cambridge, NY and her use of reclaimed materials.

The Niche Gallery is a hidden gem tucked in the first floor of 480 Broadway and is quite unique, as a portion of all sales are donated to non-profits. Walking into the Gallery, we immediately stopped at the gorgeous photographs from Lisa Miller and her Foal Project Series. The sales of Lisa's series (taken from over 30 thoroughbred foalings) benefit equine assisted therapies & awareness. There were also several other pieces of mixed-media, including beautiful fabric creations from Greentree Fabric Arts that were simply stunning.  

Saratoga Arts Center had a fun "ALL STARS' show going on, featuring the works of several talented local high school artists. We loved the exquisite photograph & ceramic piece below, both made by Saratoga Springs High School students. 

Someone's having a Birthday..

We always love a good birthday party & were looking forward to hearing about the plans for Saratoga's Centennial Celebration. But then we were confused..Saratoga Springs is turning 100.. didn't we just turn 150? Well, as you've probably ascertained by now, last year Racing in Saratoga turned 150, this year we are celebrating the City's Charter being signed into law. (We'd happily celebrate every Saratoga Racing & non-racing birthday over here at TSS, in case anyone was wondering..)



There are several events planned for throughout the year to celebrate Saratoga Spring's big milestone, including the dedication of Centennial Park, a spectacular gift to the city from Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson. (There are renderings right here of what the Park will look like). To take a look at the schedule of events so far, click here or on the logo above. 

Are the only kind of birthday presents that make you happy the kinds that sparkle? Don't despair, presents await you. We absolutely LOVE these pendants commemorating the celebration from N. Fox Jewelers, featuring the iconic Spirit of Life statue in Congress Park. Stop by and pick up a bauble for yourself and let's give Saratoga the 100th Birthday celebration she deserves. 

The Blue Show

We were in the midst of putting together a post on some local artists whose work we've been loving when we spotted this show at Spring Street Gallery. Go stop over and take a look this Saturday, it sounds fantastic with over 100 different artists and performers contributing to the event. But before you scurry on over, remember to bring a donation for Code Blue! 

How could a Girl Scout cookie taste even better..?

Just when we thought Girl Scout cookies couldn't get any more delicious, we noticed something Shelby Schneider (of Shmaltz Brewing Company) posted on Facebook & realized we were totally wrong. The perfect beer pairing to go with your cookie? 

Um, yes please. Because really, the Pinot Grigio was kind of fighting with those thin mints. 

School of Rock

A few of your have asked us about the lineup of music the folks over at Lake Avenue have put together for the winter concert they are having on Saturday, so we snagged a few minutes with organizer Ashley Campbell for more details. 

What kind of music can people expect on Saturday night?  

It's a mix of folk and rock music. 

You have a pretty impressive line up of musicians, how did you get them involved?  

I saw Bob Warren (for the 3rd time, I love his music!) at a sold-out show at Cafe Lena this summer.  I approached him about needing help funding our auditorium risers and about the idea of using Lake Avenue's historic school auditorium for a fundraiser.   I also approached Joel Brown about it as well, and they both graciously agreed to help out and came up with the idea of doing the concert together. 

And what's this about a Phish connection? 

Tony Markellis, bassist for Bob Warren, is also the bassist for Phish's lead guitarist's band, The Trey Anastasio Band.

What is the concert to benefit & where are the proceeds going? 

The musicians are all donating 100% of the proceeds to help purchase new auditorium risers for the kids at Lake Avenue Elementary.  

Is there any post-concert event planned? 

Yes!  The Parting Glass Pub will be hosting an after-concert fundraiser and are donating a percentage of all of the drink and food proceeds from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM, to Lake Avenue Elementary! 




Tired of the same old, same old?

If you're looking to switch it up tonight and need a little restaurant inspiration, see below. We stumbled across this the other day & thought it had great reviews of some newer restaurants in Saratoga. It was one of the reasons we popped into The Barrelhouse yesterday, which we've been meaning to try & absolutely loved-


So take a minute, check out the guide & go try something new tonight !  

Some brand new finds & can't live without classics-

We just felt it was our duty to share- read on & see why..

(Starting at 1 o'clock & moving clockwise) 

The sun isn't doing our skin any favors, so NIA24 Sun Damage Prevention is the first thing you want on your face in the morning, summer, winter, fall or spring. 

And speaking of sun, the most natural way to have a little glow in mid-January is NARS bronzer, our go-to is Laguna. 

This was just introduced to us by our friend Alice L whose skin is the envy of NYC- Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere Anti-Aging Cheek Illuminator. Basically it does everything: blurs imperfections, brightens skin tone and has long term anti-aging benefits. 

The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is a bit of a splurge, but one jar lasts a LONG time & there is a whole lot to love in that little bottle including an antioxidant combination that protects skin from photo aging while stimulating collagen production- so basically, you'll look 25 forever. 

The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler a perennial favorite & after leaving ours downstate we were reminded why- nothing comes close to making your lashes look as long & gorgeous than a little squeeze from this- 

We are just going to quote right from Sephora here- The Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask is "A leave-on lip mask infused with a universal red-wine tint for an instant, reparative glow". Need we say more? 

Last but certainly not least, Arbonne Genius makes skin feel smooth, fresh and is proven to increase firmness & elasticity in just two weeks. We fell in love the second we got to play chemist & pour the the resurfacing solution onto a perfect stack of cleansing pads. The fabulous Rebecca Beers get us our refill every 60 days.. give her a jingle & try it for yourself: RebeccaWBeers@gmail.com or (518) 848-0512. (& while you're at it, ask about the Arbonne Mascara, it's the best we've ever used)

What products can't you live without? Let us know so we can give them a whirl! 

Get your paper & read all about it!

Our newspaper column is usually deep in hibernation this time of year, but it will be making a special appearance today. So go pick up a copy of The Saratogian and see what made it into print! 

& may we introduce.. 

We were delighted to have literally thousands (!) of you come take a peek at our site and photo Gallery from Hattie's Mardi Gras over the last two days, so we thought perhaps the woman behind the lens needed a more formal introduction. 

Megan Mumford has been our exclusive photographer for The Saratoga Social since we launched this Fall and we feel so fortunate to have her as a part of our team. Get to know her, her recent accomplishments & the full range of services she can provide right here!