September 20th

Sipping, Painting & the Scotch Egg 

One of our other Henry Street Favorites is the Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio. We were a tiny bit reluctant to go the first time we signed up, mostly as we aren't particularly talented when it comes to drawing or painting and weren't sure what to expect. Well, it turns out a night at Paint and Sip can be about coming home with a masterpiece (we saw several!) or it can be about trying something different with your girlfriends and enjoying the party thrown by the wonderful Catherine Hover.

Owner Catherine and her fantastic staff set the perfect tone for a night out with their energy, encouraging words and wine. Lots and lots of wine. And if you find your stomach growling after a evening spent sipping, might we suggest heading over to the Henry Street Taproom for a Scotch Egg or whatever else strikes your fancy. This more than meets the eye neighborhood favorite serves up impressive farm to table nibbles to pair with their staggering selection of handcrafted beers. 


And while we're on the topic, seriously the Scotch Egg is to die for.. if you haven't tried it yet, it's a chorizo wrapped (that's spicy sausage kids..) soft boiled egg that is fried and then covered in hollandaise sauce. Yes, HOLLANDAISE. Like the kind that will be all over your eggs benedict tomorrow- that's before you hit the Henry Street Festival from noon-4pm. As always, for more information about either Henry Street spot, click through the images above to check out their websites.

September 19th

We are always up for trying a new workout and were pretty excited to receive an invitation from the ladies at Staccato Barre to come in and try a class. The Broadway studio describe their classes as "full body sculpting session that is incredibly intense and effective. Staccato classes are focused on muscle isolation, core conditioning, interval training and proper alignment"-

                                                                                                                             we're intrigued...

                                                                                                                             we're intrigued...

Um, yes please- to all of the above. Stay tuned for how our class goes and see if it's something you'll be wanting to pencil in. In a hurry? Click through their logo above to check out their class schedule.. we will see you there!

Just a little tease.. 

We thought we would give you a little tease of what you'll be reading about in our write up from the Saratoga Showcase of Homes Awards Presentation tonight. The theme of the event was The Rat Pack- so picture a pretty convincing Marilyn Monroe pulling local builder John Witt up on stage.. and having her way with him. We have to hand it to the event's organizers for throwing a great party. It was a terrific crowd, for a fantastic cause and highly entertaining! 

                                                                                                          Marilyn made herself a new friend tonight.. 

                                                                                                          Marilyn made herself a new friend tonight.. 

September 18th

Coming.. and not a minute too soon!

Walton's has been a fixture on Lake Avenue for decades, but recently the owners decided to make the space available for lease after purchasing another building on Maple Avenue.

                                                                                                                       Coming soon.. .BOOZE

                                                                                                                       Coming soon.. .BOOZE

We'll admit we were holding our breathe waiting to find out who was moving in and.. drumroll please.. we are DELIGHTED to tell you a wine and liquor store will be opening up October 1st. We love all of our local options for picking up some Pinot and are delighted to have another one with this kind of walkability.. cheers!   

September 18th

It's time to start making plans for the weekend and there is so much to do, our event calendar is packed! The Showcase of Homes Awards dinner will be tonight at Vapor, Shaken not Stirred is this Saturday at the YMCA and the Henry Street Festival is the perfect way to wind down on Sunday.. We've made it easy to get all the event details, just visit our calendar and hit the iCal button- everything will automatically store in your phones calendar- enjoy! 

September 16th

Loving Henry Street.. Saratoga Botanicals

Next up in our Henry Street spotlight.. Saratoga Botanicals. This is one of Henry street's newer businesses and one of our personal favorites. The quality and variety of services and products at their store is astounding.

We first discovered them when we were searching for a tinted moisturizer and found their tinted creme, a 'hydrating tinted mineral moisturizer'. It was smooth and light on our skin and left us with perfect balanced coverage. Not to mention, at an incredibly reasonable price point ($22.95). Well this was just the tip of the iceberg; Saratoga Botanicals makes over 100 organic and eco-conscious health and beauty products.. AND operates a boutique spa in their Henry Street location.

Some of their services include massage, body treatments, makeup applications and much, much more. We were blown away by the level of service here.. stop in and see for yourself or check out their website right here... your body will thank you:) 

UPDATE: It looks like the NY Post agrees with us!! Or we agree with them. Either one.. lol. 

About last night 

We were blown away by the success of Andi and Phil Lodico's event on Friday night.. for all the details, check out our event recap right here. And for more information on The Incredible Teddy Foundation and CDH, see their website!

Update! A full photo gallery of all of Friday night's action can be found right here- 

September  14th

What we're loving...Henry Street 

There have been a lot of new arrivals to Henry street in the last year or two and with the Henry Street Festival coming up next Sunday, we thought we would pick a few of our favorite Henry Street destinations to share with you.  One of Saratoga's best kept secrets has to be TC Bakery, tucked away on the corner of Caroline and Henry. The folks at TC Bakery say it's a taste of Paris without having to travel 3539 miles away and we couldn't agree more. We were absolutely blown away by the level of expertise and quality that go into these exceptional pastries, chocolates and macaroons. Probably best known for their macaroons, that is only the tip of the iceberg at TC Bakery. Below, meet the Paris-Brest. You'll bite into a tender, airy pastry dough filled with hazelnut mousse and then sprinked with powdered sugar.. we gave one to an expectant friend of ours who said it eating it might have been best moment of her whole pregnancy. 

The last time we walked in a tray of freshly made Mille-Feuille was emerging from the kitchen.

Crispy layers of puff pastry filled  with vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with our marbled fondant and Valrhona Chocolate.. need we say more? They have now added freshly made baguettes to their line up as well.. 

September 13th

It was love at first sip 

We were out downtown last night and fell in love.. and we need to talk about it. After dinner at Cantina Restaurant we were looking for something new to try, when lovely manager Ashley suggested we taste a tequila she thought we'd like - the rest was history.

Say Hello to Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

Now, we know what you're thinking, tequila? We aren't talking about your old college friend Jose Cuervo, there isn't any sprinkling salt on your hand first. This is made from 100% blue agave and was buttery, smooth and absolutely delicious. If you are stuck in a pinot grigio rut (we've been there) head over and live a little, you'll thank us later.

Pencil this in

September 9th

We're just starting to feel like eating again after last weekend's Wine and Food Festival and it's not a minute too soon. Saratoga PLAN will be hosting their Annual Feast of the Fields on Thursday night and if you are a food lover, this is a can't miss. The whole event is a celebration of local farms, chefs and conservationists and there is table after table of some of the best food in the area to nosh on. For event details, head over to our event calendar. 


September 8th:

What we're loving today.. that's one sly fox

If you need another reason to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine tonight, we've got one for you. We love these adorable fox wine glasses from Silverwood. They are just the right size and stemless, perfect for a drink on the porch in this gorgeous September weather. Cheers!

Pencil this in

Just when we are feeling the sting of summer ending, the SPAC Wine and Food Festival rolls into town and dazzles us with shiny cars and incredible weekend of eating and drinking. This year the Festival kicked off with Blues, Brews & BBQ's, taking the place of the on the stage dinner in years past


Tonight's event definitely had a more laid back feel, with live music, craft beer tasting and as opposed to the formal on stage event. People lined up waiting for the gates to open at 7pm and streamed in to sample some incredible plates (we loved Henry Street Taproom's tacos) and cold drinks. The cocktail favorite was hands down the Tito's Vodka station where "Texas Mules" were being mixed up with lime, mint and jalapeno- incredible refreshing on a very hot night.

Meanwhile, the featured event was a BBQ throwdown between some prominent downstate chef's (from restaurants like Nice Matin, Dukes and Tolani) versus our upstate talent. Celebrity Chef Marc Murphy was also on hand to host the evening's festivities and was graciously working the room, chatting and taking pictures with fans. For a full recap of the night and to see if you were spotted enjoying some brews and bbq, check out the toga tattlers..