Umm.. Snow ..? Snow day ? We had a plan !

We really wanted a snow day .. So much so we basically had the whole day planned ..

(from cookies, moving clockwise) Get your Barefoot Contessa on- there couldn't be a better day to try your hand at her Salty Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Coookies

Do a little doodling.. of your name that is, you're going to want to perfect it before Lola Accessory Boutique turns it into a necklace 

Turn up the volume & smile knowing you've got a ticket to "It was 51 Years Ago"--A Celebration of The Beatles at Caffe Lena this Saturday because guess what.. it is totally sold out. 

Snuggle up on the couch & dive into a read from local Chris Millis. If you loved Small Apartments, you won't move until the snow stops or you hit the last page

A Tuesday Afternoon Snow Day? Sounds like the perfect moment to test drive "7 Ways to Spike your Hot Chocolate" 

3 episodes isn't exactly a binge watch, so we recommend catching up with Hannah halfway through Season 3 before diving into Season 4

You've been indulging yourself all day, take a break & go check out Code Blue's website- decide to donate or volunteer. 

Brainstorm auction items, draft sponsorship letters & start thinking summer- committees are in full swing organizing events for Summer 2015, including Saratoga Bridges Annual White Party, one of our favorites. 

Posted on January 27, 2015 .