Our Day at the Spa (Cascada)

Walking up the stairs to Spa Cascada you already feel yourself start to relax with each step as Broadway disappears behind you. From your birds eye view on their second floor you have the pleasure of people watching up above it all while perched in their plush pedicure seat, which is where he found ourselves this afternoon soaking in every stress relieving drop.

Amy and her staff at Spa Cascada are pros, from the moment you step in the door your comfort is their priority: someone takes your coat, hands you a glass of infused water and gets you settled in. The focus is all about you, yet the whole vibe remains relaxed and laid back while also making sure they are on top of every little tiny detail that might make you enjoy the experience more.

My masseuse, Susan, did such a good job the first thing I did when she left the room was check my calendar for an opening to come back again. Every single note about the massage was perfect, she checked in to make sure the pressure was right, asked just a few questions and gave just a few gentle directions, and the whole time made sure I was totally comfortable. The experience definitely felt tailored to my needs, nothing cookie cutter about it, and the results reflected that.

The absolute perfect place to slide in after that amazing massage was the big plush chair for a pedicure. Chilled white wine was offered (and gladly accepted), and before I knew it I had three glasses lined up, one glass of wine and two glasses of infused water (their line of Pure Inventions health and wellness drops to infuse water with are incredible, we went home with the tranquility one). Post massage, sitting there sipping wine and watching the sidewalk traffic down on Broadway all nice and cozy just notched the relaxation up even more. Their pedicures are truly a spa experience, not the quick and slapdash pedis you can get from a nail salon (they also have a great color selection, I went with Essie's Fall in Line, love it). They take their time and do a professional and thorough job, and once again use the same formula of communication and attentiveness paired with tranquility and relaxation as the top focus.


The space itself is beautiful, filled with natural light and permeated with the laid back Cascada vibe (not to mention filled with some of the best beauty and wellness products around). The hardest part about the visit was having to leave again and face this brutally cold weather, but as we descended the stairs back onto Broadway again we were at least about 1,000 times more relaxed and rejuvenated than we were when we first went in.

Many thanks to Amy and her incredibly accommodating staff for such a well spent afternoon. Guys, ladies, may we suggest you give them a call and line an appointment up for a Valentine's Day gift? Robin and I might argue over which masseuse was better, JJ or Susan, but they both come super highly recommended by us. If you can't find a perfect day to set it up, a gift card would be the sweetest gift, and you can even get one on facebook (yes really)! Just click on the "Specials and GC's" button on their facebook page here. Stay tuned for details on a special little party we'll be holding at Spa Cascada once the winter thaws a bit as well.



Posted on February 11, 2015 .