Brown's Beach is Looking Good (yes even in this weather)

The other day we found ourselves at the new website for Brown's Beach, which, according to the website, was first opened in the late 1800s as "a commercial concern inviting eager vacationers the opportunity to change and store clothes in the bathhouse while enjoying Saratoga's sunshine, waters and lakeside eating".

Today, Brown's Beach Resort (“BBR”) promises to revitalize this memory of Saratoga summers passed with "a twenty-first century twist fueled by an Adirondack-chic style; fresh, daring culinary creativity; and a welcoming lakeside atmosphere", sounds amazing, right?

Brown's Beach Resort is now in its first year and has plans to build out infrastructure over the next five years. Right now they have the Dock Brown's restaurant, the inn called "The Nest", the 60' x 80' enclosed outdoor pavilion for weddings, parties and events, and the sandy beach.

Doc Brown's restaurant is open seven-days-a-week, offers a full bar and serves lunch and dinner every day, and breakfast on Sundays and boasts views of the five-mile long lake. The Nest inn offers seven uniquely appointed queen-bed guest rooms with full hotel amenities.

We can't wait to check out this new spot once the weather warms up, and in the meantime we're going to scope out Doc Brown's, they have some live music lined up and a menu online, click here to see the live music schedule and here for the menu. The Over Easy burger sounds pretty amazing...

Posted on February 12, 2015 .