Dear February, did we do something to make you angry...?


Between the two story snow banks & -30 wind chills,at this time of year it's hard to not let winter get the best of you. So here is another round of our go-to, survive the season, finds. 

Starting at the red parka & moving clockwise..

We wouldn't have batted an eyelash at the weather this year if we'd had Canada Goose Women's Parka. It's field tested in temperatures that actually match our wind chills tonight & is said to be some of the best performing outerwear available in the world. Sadly, that warmth comes at a price of around $795. Is it worth the big bucks? Go stand outside for about 30 seconds & get back to us. 

It only takes us about 15 minutes in the Serenity Relaxation room at Complexions Spa to feel like we're taking a mini-vacation, someplace much further South. Get to your appointment early & linger in the lounge, take a steam or sauna & you'll be on cloud nine before you even start your service. 

 Cookie Dough Cafe isn't for baking (sorry, kids), it's just for eating with a spoon {during a snowstorm, while watching Bravo}. Swing by Fresh Market to pick up a jar and seriously, why didn't we think of this?

Clase Azul Tequila = warmth in a glass. Pop over to Cantina for a taste or stop in to see Patty at Crush & Cask to take home a bottle. Tequila skeptic? We were too until this fateful September day..

We are on about our 5th pair of boots for the winter & have landed on a winner.. Sorel's Conquest Carly's. Bring it on, ice. 

The perfect under-boot jean remains Paige's high waisted skinny. The most comfortable and flattering pair of jeans you'll ever own.

Tuck into a bowl of 15 Church's Ricotta Gnocchi alla Bolognese and follow it up with their perfect cinnamon Zeppoles, served with a salted caramel sauce & crème anglaise. We left so happy on Saturday it might as well have been 70 & sunny outside. 

Feeling a little sluggish after a big weekend {like say.. the Monday after Chowderfest/ Super Bowl..} ? Start the week off with a good workout & green juice from Clarity by Syd - not only is it delicious, but your body will thank you in spades. 

"When your phone dies, God knows what can happen..". We couldn't agree more, Mophie. & now we are finally back to gabbing to our heart's content with the release of their Iphone 6 cases...sayonara, outlet searches. 

Indulge your need for a midseason wardrobe refresh with one of our favorite winter staples, the sweater dress. This BCBG dress at Violet's has basically become our February uniform-it is SO warm & you'll feel that much more stylish dashing to & from your car. 

Just because you haven't seen the sun in weeks, doesn't mean you can't glow- Clarins promises you'll look like you've just returned from a week in St Barth's after applying & we tend to agree. 

Posted on February 16, 2015 .