Our Instagram Favorites This Week

Clockwise from top left: @deannanfox This little foxy can cook, and just a warning, her Instagram will make you hungry. It will also make you want to hang out with her and drink scotch. @docsconz This Instagram account will also make you hungry, as well as make you want to chuck everything off your desk in a big sweeping motion and go on a European culinary vacation. You will also want to drink scotch with him. @fornashinc A lot of pretty for not a lot of money, you can find Fornash pieces locally at our fave, Silverwood Home and Gallery in Saratoga Springs @townandcountrymag Everything you have always known and loved about Town and Country in a handy dandy Instagram account. This vintage après-ski pic is TO DIE FOR.

Clockwise from top left: Okay we have to admit, it was hard to choose between @townandcountrymag and @townandcountryinsider so we went with both, the latter giving you more of a behind the scenes vibe with simply perfect photos like the above tennis & doxie combo. We're not sure what we love most about @donalddrawbertson's account, his gorgeous art or his equally gorgeous and adorable blonde twins. @unleashedcaninecare BECAUSE DOGGIES. And finally, our girl crush, @manrepeller, you'll understand why.

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Posted on February 6, 2015 .