We've Got to Try This

We are fighting one of those irritating almost spring colds so we decided to pop in to Saratoga Juice Bar for one of their fresh squeezed OJ and zinc shots and just as we were headed out the door a little pamphlet caught our eye. It was about floating.

More specifically, a float center, and it's right here in Saratoga Springs. We started talking about it and it just so happened that the super friendly gentleman sitting at the counter overheard us and told us that he had actually just tried it himself. To say his review of this new place was glowing would be an understatement and if he is ever looking for a second career it should be in getting people to try this floating thing out because we are SOLD.

It's called Saratoga Springs Massage and Float Center, and their float tank, or a sensory deprivation tank, is a large vessel that houses approximately 10 inches of salt water. This salt water solution causes one to float (much like the Dead Sea) and feel weightless (a FAQ on their pamphlet answered my first question, no you cannot drown if you fall asleep, phew). The water is at body temperature so there is an enhanced sense of comfort, and while in the tank, sensory input is removed, so your brain gets a break from processing information. The gentleman we spoke to described it as incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, a positive sensation unlike any other.

According to their website, benefits include physical ones like stress relief, injury recovery and lessening chronic pain. They also claim floating can increase your dopamine and endorphin levels, which can naturally elevate your mood. Meditation and reflection as well as concentration and knowledge absorption are also benefits.

You can spend an hour, hour and a half, or two hours in their Sensory Deprivation Tank with pricing starting at $55 and we are IN. Stay tuned for our review, but first, would you float? Find out even more here.


Posted on March 11, 2015 .