Our Instagram Favorites this Week

Clockwise from top left...

@jimgaffigan Because, well, he's Jim Gaffigan and he makes us laugh. @adventuresofindiana Are we partial to dog Instagrams? Yes. But give us a break, this dog is named Indiana! LOOK AT HIM! Did you know that Shep, he of Vineyard Vines founding fame, went to Skidmore?! It's true, and every time you look at the @vineyardvines Instagram you can remember that you guys have Saratoga in common. @aroundsaratoga We love seeing familiar around town photos pop up in our feed, keep up the good work.

Another funny person, @aidybryant just makes us smile. Add her to our list of "People We Think Would Be Awesome To Hang Out With". Also, she has the best bio in all of Instagram. Now another Saratoga person, @justinwolferyogi will inspire you to get up and move, and you should move yourself to check out his gorgeous yoga studio above Northshire Bookstore, it is beyond. Yes, MORE DOGS. @resqco has stolen our hearts. I mean, that dog in the car. Come on. Finally, we shall finish up with another local Instagrammer, @saratogawaterco because it is hands down our favorite sparkling water and we are digging their old timey Saratoga pics.

Posted on March 13, 2015 .