If green eggs and kegs isn't your thing, not to worry-

You've got your brunch uniform on so why not head out and try a few of these Irish treats?

(Starting at the top right)

Head over to Sweet Mimi's and feast on their Reuben- roasted corned beef, topped with imported swiss, sauerkraut & homemade Russian dressing on toasted Rockhill Rye. Or, try their decidedly grown up 'green eggs and ham' served with homemade Irish soda bread and home fries. 

And speaking of Irish soda bread, look at these works of art over at Mrs. London's where you can pick up a quarter, half or whole loaf through Tuesday. Mrs. London's says no sugar is added, they are sweetened only by the Irish soaked currants. Other ingredients include caraway seeds, buttermilk and whole wheat flour. 

At the top left, behold the Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner from the Park Side Eatery which comes with a slice of their own soda bread all for $15 (you can even throw in a beer for another $5)

Posted on March 15, 2015 .