Our Favorites on Instagram This Week

Clockwise from top left...

We've been following @thesartorialist online for years, and now we can add his Instagram to our obsession. @tcparisbakery because OMG LOOK AT THOSE CARAMELS! Sorry, look at those homemade Brûlée caramel with fleur de del. Gimme. Follow @themuseumofmodernart because JEEZ would it KILL you to have a little more culture in your life?! @thesavorypantry just stop it with that hazelnut spread and olive oil bruschetta, just stop it right now. We're starving.

Clockwise from top left...

I guess maybe we should eat before putting these things together because OH HI THERE @ravenouscrepes. @shop_lola makes shopping so easy. We see her posts and want what's in them. Done and done. Saratoga Springs very own Marcus Dean Fuller formed @compassfilm to focus on the development and production of independent, character driven films. Trust us, you're going to want to follow what they're doing. We love seeing what @saratogapreservation is up to because we are borderline obsessed with our beautiful city's history.

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Posted on March 20, 2015 .