#WhatsYourJam: Mike DiCesare from Jamboxx

Child's Play 6: Shake, Taste & Twirl! is coming up on April 16th at the National Museum of Dance, and this week we wanted to give you an in depth look at what this organization does for children in our local community.

The foundation's goal is a simple one, to provide children with disabilities access to equipment and services that will enable them to reach their fullest potential for participation within their families, communities and with their peers. Here on The Saratoga Social we have been sharing Shamar's story and today we are giving you a closer look at how the Karen and Gary Dake Foundation made it possible for Shamar to make music with his Jamboxx.

A Jamboxx is a USB powered breath controlled device styled after a harmonica that comes with special music software that allows for playing digital music. Within seconds of installation, users can utilize a built-in karaoke feature which allows for playing melodies using simple play by numbers with provided backtracks. We chatted with Mike DiCesare, one of the inventors, about the Jamboxx and what he hopes it will do for its users.

How did the concept for the Jamboxx come about?

Dave Whalen and myself invented the Jamboxx out of his want to play music.  Dave is a quadriplegic from a skiing accident which limited his access to musical instruments.   Dave could play the harmonica, that is where we got the idea for an electronic harmonica that interfaces with a computer allowing you to play any instrument sound through software.  

How do you hope the Jamboxx enriches people’s lives?

All we can hope for is that we give people to opportunity to create music and have fun.  Playing instruments has had such a big impact on Dave and I throughout our lives. We hope to give everyone the ability to experience making music either for the first time or again after an illness or accident. 

Come to the Child's Play 6: Shake, Taste & Twirl! event to help raise funds for the Karen and Gary Dake Foundation to help more children reach their fullest potential. An evening of great fun with music by FreePlay, featuring local independent brewers and wineries who will be on hand to sample their products, paired with delicious offerings from Airstream Catering.  

All proceeds from this event will go toward equipment and services for local children with disabilities.

For event info and to buy tickets, click right here.

Posted on March 31, 2015 .