Meet Your New Favorite Wine at Saratoga Wine and Spirits (FRIDAY 4PM)

Ever try a Petite Sirah? "I like dry red and want to try something different"

Well, here you have it - Petite Sirah.

This dry, full-bodied, "inky" wine (grape is tecnically termed Durif) originated by accident in France, and as with most grapes in France was often used as for blending.  The varietal didn't thrive in the fields or on the pallets of the French and it is presently rarely grown.

Thankfully, Petite Sirah thrives in and produces lovely wines globally and most notably in California, Austraila and Israel.  The result:  a very dark purple or inky wine with a full mouth feel and  notes of blue and black fruits, plumbs, herbs and some spice.  

If you haven't yet tried a Petite Sirah…do it. And the wine tasting starting today at 4pm at Saratoga Wine and Spirits is the perfect place and time to try one and buy one. We all need a new favorite wine on a Friday, no?

Posted on April 10, 2015 .