Have you Heard of The Orchard Project?

If you haven't heard of the Orchard Project yet, get the scoop here so you'll know what everyone is talking about at the next cocktail party.

Alan Cumming, Theresa Rebeck, Bridget Everett, Marcus Gardley, Stew, Ping Chong, UK’s Gate Theatre, and more are set to participate in The Orchard Project’s first ever summer in Saratoga Springs. The Orchard Project is a laboratory program where theatre artists and companies come to innovate, develop, and refine new shows. Past productions developed at the Orchard Project have gone on to be performed around the globe for over 500,000 people and to win awards from TONYs to Obies to Oliviers.

The Orchard Project is a key program of The Exchange, a leading American institution committed to the creation of bold new work by the most innovative artists from the US and around the world. Committed to providing neccesary support to theater makers and other artists at the forefront of their form, the organization's pivotal role in promoting new voices is undisputed through its work at the Orchard Project, its summer accelerator, which has propelled over 120 ideas to production in eight years. They are committed to providing necessary support to theater makers and other artists at the forefront of their form, as well as on building diverse audiences and educating young members of the theater community.
Twenty-two artists and ensembles were selected from a competitive field of nearly 500 applicants to develop their big, new ideas at the Orchard Project. The Exchange also announced the launch of its first-ever Orchard Project Presents season, a series of public performances that will take place at Universal Preservation Hall — a recently restored 1871 church — as well as at venues around Saratoga Springs.

The Orchard Project Presents series will invite the public to experience world class new work as it is being developed. The series will feature events every week in June, including Sneak Peek Productions (early stage, cutting-edge workshops and productions), Cabarets and Concerts (special events with top musical talent), and an Open Studio Week (featuring innovative shadow puppeteers). Orchard Project Presents will begin the month with an immersive production of Church of the Passionate Cat by Austin’s Underbelly Theater and conclude with an intimate concert with TONY Award winning actor, singer, and writer Alan Cumming.
“We couldn’t be more excited to turn Saratoga into a creative springboard for pathbreaking new work that will go on to stages across the country and the world,” Ari Edelson, the founder and artistic director of the Orchard Project, said. “We can’t wait to see what the Orchard Project’s 100-plus writers, directors, actors, singers, dancers, and puppeteers create this summer.”
"We are thrilled to have The Orchard Project in residency at Universal Preservation Hall in 2015,” said Teddy Foster, the President of the Board of Directors of Universal Preservation Hall. “For five weeks this summer, our beautiful UPH will be the creative place for aspiring artists and theatre professionals to hone their craft and, in turn, delight the residents and visitors of Saratoga Springs with their fresh, cutting edge performances. The energy between the two organizations is amazing and we look forward to hosting The Orchard Project for years to come."
"We’re honored and incredibly excited to have Saratoga Springs named as the new home of the Orchard Project," Todd Shimkus, the President of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, said. "Our city has one of the most vibrant downtowns and we've become a global destination for tourists and talent so I'm sure the Orchard Project's artists will fall in love with their new home. Our focus on health, history, and horses have attracted people to our city for more than 150 years — and now we can say they are coming here to accelerate new play development as well."

We are so excited to check out The Orchard Project, click here for more info and to purchase tickets now.

Posted on May 12, 2015 .