The Crown Grill & Circus Cafe Anniversary Celebration May 1st

The Crown Grill and Circus Cafe owners Christel and Colin MacLean

The Crown Grill and Circus Cafe owners Christel and Colin MacLean

Last Friday, Broadway in Saratoga Springs was absolutely hopping. The sun was shining, sidewalk patios were open and a steady stream of Saratogians were making their way into The Crown Grill at Circus Cafe ready to celebrate.

There were plenty of things celebration worthy that sunny afternoon. First, Circus Cafe was marking 11 years as one of the standout restaurants on Broadway, the Crown Grill was celebrating it's 2nd banner year, and owners Christel and Colin MacLean were also celebrating that these two great restaurants have now come together as one amazing spot with one menu featuring the best of the Circus Café menu items and the best of Crown Grill. If that wasn't enough, their lovely daughter was also celebrating a birthday, so to label the mood as festive would be an understatement.

As guests mingled between the two halves of this powerhouse Broadway spot, we chatted with the Saratoga Springs power couple about joining their culinary forces. Christel and Colin explained how in the past they would have guests ask for menu items from the adjoining restaurants when the two were separate. They always accommodated the requests but decided to go full tilt and offer the “best of the best.” Now they can give guests two distinct dining room ambiance choices, go fun and festive with Circus or casual elegance with chandeliers, murals, and the Library dining room at Crown.

Tito's Vodka was on hand offering guests samples of the signature Saratoga Mule, made with fresh pressed lime juice from Saratoga Juice Bar and authentic Bermuda Ginger Beer as hors d'oeuvres were passed and guests noshed on mini crab cakes and empanadas. One of the biggest hits of the evening were drinks from their "Juicetails" menu made with Saratoga Juice Bar cold pressed juice, a healthy and delicious new trend for cocktails (try the Mandarin Kick with jalapeno and cliantro).

Spotted in the celebratory crowd we saw Catherine Hover with the adorable Posey, Jacob Hopper, Alyssa McClenning, Kyle Jewell, Rick Parker, Christianne Smith, William Potts, Annie Quinn, Mark Hogan and Rob Saba. Toward the end of the evening, owners Colin and Christel MacLean were hard to pin down as they bounced around between Circus and Crown greeting regulars and newcomers alike, but we caught up with Christel long enough to chat about the party, who said "We are so thrilled with the turnout to celebrate the May 1st anniversaries of Circus Cafe and The Crown Grill! Even more exciting is the response to our new menu featuring the best of Circus and the best of Crown with the ability to choose your preferred dining room ambiance. In addition to the food - the party drinks, Juicetails, wine list and draft beers have got people talking!".

To see more photos from the event, visit the gallery right here.


Posted on May 4, 2015 .