We are officially glowing...

..and no, not in a 'little susie's getting a baby brother' kind of way. In fact, quite the contrary-we popped into Complexions Spa yesterday because we were intrigued about a new service they are offering called 'Dermaplaning'. We had heard from our friend Mara that she's never had anything leave her skin so soft and radiant and after seeing her in person, completely agreed (she was glowing..) and called for an appointment on the spot. Admittedly, we've got drawers full of anti-aging beauty creams, moisturizers, cleansers, etc at home and are always gung-ho to try the latest and sometimes weirdest beauty treatment. But more often than not, we're either too impatient to stick out the amount of time it takes to see results or are turned off by a ridiculous price tag. That's why dermplaning was so intriguing, the front desk at Complexions told us it would only take 20 minutes or so and the cost was reasonable, $40 to add on to a facial or $90 on its own. So we skipped over to Complexions yesterday and lay back in one of their treatment rooms, ready to go. After cleansing and 'de-greasing' (um, yuck) our face, our aesthetician brought out a #10 surgical blade to get started and happily, before we had time to properly panic, explained to us what she was going to do. The tip had been dulled and she was going to take the side of the blade and actually lightly scrape our face with it, working in one inch sections. She explained it wouldn't hurt (it didn't at ALL) and how it was going to help with our skin tone and our complexion. 

The scrapping would remove all of the dead skin on my face, which you could actually see as she got going (it looked like a fine white powder) as well as removing any vellus hair (peach fuzz). The benefit of both was not only would it leave my skin soft and radiant, but everything I put on my face afterwards was going to absorb better and penetrate deeper with the removal of dead skin and fine hair. The dermaplaning would also help smooth out any imperfections in my skin, including the appearance of wrinkles. After about 20 very zen minutes of scrapping (seriously, I almost fell asleep) she then applied a sweet cherry enzyme to my face, which continued to decompose any remaining debris on my face and in my pores. It tingled a bit but kind of in a 'satisfying because it's working' way as it was explained to me that the all natural mask was full of vitamins including Vitamin C & Beta Carotene, which work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

After a few minutes, the mask came off and moisturizer was applied and we were all through, in just under 30 minutes from start to finish. Then came the best part .. I felt my face and my skin was outrageously soft, borderline little baby soft. I looked dewy and glowy and just threw on a little tinted moisturizer before heading back into the world. I had virtually no redness or blotchiness so going out to an event or back to the office would have been no big deal, which was a pleasant surprise. I was actually so thrilled with how my skin felt, that on the way out tried to add another derma planing session onto the facial I had scheduled for next week... But lo and behold was told no because each session last for at least a month, another happy surprise. Needless to say we are hooked...a quick, easy, painless, inexpensive way to look youthful and healthy? YES, please. 

Want to try it for yourself? CLICK HERE to book an appointment online with Complexions or call (518) 306-5502 for their Saratoga Springs location.

Posted on May 8, 2015 .