We are In It to WIN IT: Finest Fillies July 23rd

We have been training hard for the biggest race of our summer, the 4th Annual Finest Fillies event at Vapor Nightclub at Saratoga Casino and Raceway on Thursday, July 23rd to benefit Jake's Help from Heaven, a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting individuals with multiple medical challenges and disabilities.

If you've never been before, trust us that this fun filled event is UNIQUE with a capital U. I mean, where else will you see the area's finest fillies racing across a dance floor all at the mercy of Colleen and Skip Carlson weilding a Plinko chip?

Modeled after horse racing, this event casts a seriously fun group of women as "Saratoga's Finest Fillies", complete with their own trainers. Trainer Robin Dalton and Filly Jenny Witte will be the contenders from The Saratoga Social Stables this year, and prior to the event each filly and trainer will be looking for bets. Guests place bets (in increments of $10) on the filly of their choice (or on more than one filly to increase their odds of winning!).  For every bet that is placed, guests receive a raffle ticket to be placed in the box representing the filly of their choice (and each bet is a chance to win some fabulous prizes)!

Post Positions are pulled from a hat at 7:15 and betting closes promptly at 8 when the game begins! Colleen Carlson will once again use PLINKO to have fillies move forward. The first filly to make 10 steps and finish first is the winner! If you bet on the filly that "wins", "places" or "shows" you could win one of the awesome prizes! If your filly doesn’t win, don't worry they will be pulling raffles all night and each bet you make automatically enters you to win!

Natalie Sillery and Skip Carlson will have play by play and hilarious commentary as the race progresses!

Tickets are only $50/person and include plenty of food and dessert! There is a cash bar and a signature drink - the "Sweet Jake", and a percentage of sales from the Sweet Jake will be donated to Jake’s Help From Heaven!

If you absolutely cannot attend, we feel bad for you, but you can still bet on us to win (or across the board on all of the amazing fillies in the race this year, but really, bet on us) by clicking here. You can also buy your tickets right here and place your bets the night of, so come down to Vapor on the 23rd and cheer us on!

Posted on July 6, 2015 .