Summer Hangover..? We feel ya.

Summer, it’s been real… 

After Labor Day, we are starting to look beyond the beach, the boat, and the booze (let’s face it- summers in Saratoga can be tough on the liver and the complexion) to the more low-key, relaxed next few months. We’re feeling the itch to get back into shape and cleanse our tired bodies before we do it all over again in November and December. So first up we are tackling the workout situation and then it's time to cleanse 

For many of us, the kids are back in school (hazaa)! and the schedule generally becomes a bit more fixed and predictable, giving us more time to think about… well, us. We are dying to hit the gym again (at least in theory, that is) it always helps to get some new gear to get motivated. We are LOVING the new mesh trend in workout gear- cute and cool (literally)! These awesome, black leggings are Athleta . This pale-pink tank is almost too cool to sweat from Lululemon (and Reform carries the line locally at their studio- yippee!) and this cozy sweatshirt is Patagonia (sold locally at The Mountain Man). The  cute sneaks are New Balance for J. Crew. Loving the muted, Fall colors…

Also, best thing about this look? Change out the leggings for a rolled boyfriend jean or skinny, olive cargo pants and you are good to go for a casual, post- workout cocktail… wait...or not! (Summer habits die hard, I guess.)

Our go-to workout spots in town? Robin loves her pilates at Reform for building core strength (it also does wonders for her back issues!), while Chelsea is a Staccato Barre fan for great tush-toning. And who doesn’t love their membership to the Saratoga and Wilton YMCA's? They offer unlimited yoga classes, state-of-the-art equipment, and super affordable child-care while you work out… yes, please! 

Posted on September 8, 2015 .