Party Photos & Recap: The Nutcracker Tea!

Tea Time!

SPAC’s Nutcracker Tea a Double SRO – Nov. 20

By Arthur Gonick

Photos: Dev Dinon

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Festive warmth on the sugar-covered Spa State Park grounds is always a welcome respite.

But this isn’t the warming hut we’re talking. No, this is gingerbread perfect, everything in place. Tied up with a redder-than-red bow. The Hall of Springs hosts many events, but you can make a credible case that it never looks better than on this day.

For this is the day of hope, the promise of youth at holiday time. The day that everybody finds the present under the tree – the one they really, really want.

It is it is the SPAC Nutcracker Tea. A double-sellout, as usual, now well into it’s second decade of dazzle. A triumphant portal into the 2016 holiday season. A collaboration of the SPAC Action Council, Northeast Ballet Company, and sponsored by M&T Bank.

I am very happy to present Dev Dinon’s photographs – this is her first assignment with The Saratoga Social. The smart writers know how to keep it short-and-sweet when you have scenes like these…. Enjoy!

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