Party Photos & Recap (pt 2) : Corks, Forks & Brews!

Check out our full photo gallery & part two of our Corks Forks & Brews recap below, from guest writer Arthur Gonick & photographer Deborah Neary!

Uncorking A New Era: Corks, Forks & Brews (Part 2)

Prime at Saratoga – Thursday, Nov. 3

By Arthur Gonick

Photos: Deborah Neary

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In its fourth year, the Saratoga Center for the Family’s (SCFF) “Corks, Forks & Brews” event showcased the evolution of its leadership as its centerpiece. In previous years, a special benefactor was the designated honoree. For instance, the 2013 inaugural ‘Corks’ was a tribute to Sonny Bonacio, who essentially rebuilt SCFF’s headquarters after a major fire.

This year, with the retirement of longtime steward Deb Tomasso, the occasion was an opportunity to showcase SCFF’s new Executive Director, Rebecca Baldwin. Ms. Baldwin was elated and optimistic in delivering her remarks, saying in part:

“I am honored to take on the role of Executive Director for such an amazing organization.  I have been a Saratoga County resident for the majority of my life and so this community is extremely close to my heart. I have always known about the Saratoga Center for the Family, but over the last month I have witnessed the exceptional work that the staff does every day. I want to take a moment to acknowledge that work and thank the team at the Center and the Board for welcoming me so wholeheartedly.

 “I am excited to be in a position to join the agency at a pivotal time of growth and opportunity to further the critical, incredibly impactful work that the Center is doing in the Saratoga County community. I look forward to many years working with Saratoga Center for the Family while the Center continues and expands important programming to further meet the needs of our community members.” 

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