The best part of the holiday season....? #TheGiving

The best part of the holiday season in Saratoga has got to be hearing about all the acts of kindness & generosity it inspires, like this one from our friend Jason Thomas at Roohan Realty. Click here to read about how he worked with Tom Roohan & Bow Tie Cinemas to secure 200 movie tickets to be distributed to struggling families this holiday season.  

A huge thank you to all the Jason's out there who have put their compassion to work during this busy time of year to help make someone else's day a little brighter, you are what the spirit of the season is all about! And to Jason Thomas, mission accomplished - we happened to be at a holiday party yesterday where about 30 of the movie tickets were handed out, to some very surprised & happy kids! 

Posted on December 20, 2016 and filed under holidays.