All the Magical Moments from Thursday's Victorian Streetwalk!

We have SO many awesome photos from last Thursday's Streetwalk, here is Part 1 of 2! 

On Broadway!

Thousands Hit the Street – Literally – at 30th Annual Victorian Streetwalk

By Arthur Gonick

Photos: Dev Dinon & Arthur Gonick

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The whole schmear.

All that embodies Holiday festivities – every bit of it – was on display before thousands of revelers at The 30th Annual Victorian Streetwalk, on Thursday evening, December 1, in Downtown Saratoga Springs. From Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves, sprites, reindeer, to ice sculptures and choral groups. Even a menorah on wheels!

Conceived as a citywide ‘Open House,’ in which merchants and vendors reveal their holiday displays and must-have merchandise for the gift-giving season, this is not a sales event. To be sure, you can buy stuff, and many certainly did. But the day is designed to be researching (via shopping) and compiling ‘wish lists’ – both yours and loved ones.

What attracts so many to this event year after year is that everyone gets a big heaping plate of good will, supplemented by free cotton candy, warm cider and cookies galore. Children, many up past their normal bedtimes, were in no danger of crashing fueled by sucrose in all its glorious forms.

Many people expressed sentiments along the lines of: “we really need this sort of thing this year.” But, in truth, when do we not need it? 

When do we not need to smile? When do we not need to covort like antelopes on NY State Road 9 (AKA Broadway) — without looking both ways? The day we don’t need this is the day we cease to have a heartbeat.

The warmer than average evening certainly swelled the crowds and the intensity of the elation. Spotted at a nearby staging area, Santa opined, “Gee, I should have worn shorts… Ho Ho Ho!”  

That may have been the only instance of lack of planning this evening. Everything else was there, and a signature event, one that makes other cities drool, carved its thirtieth notch on Santa’s belt. Faithful to tradition, Victorian Streetwalk always has some new wrinkles and attractions to tantalize and delight.

For photographers, the mission is to be global and yet episodic… Photographer Dev Dinon and I approached this like a military mission. Parting after the tree-lighting and arrival of the jolly one, Dev went South, I went North. We met back at our friends Christel and Colin’s Circus Café – elated and exhausted. Elated because we got it all / exhausted because we didn’t miss a thing. We barely could lift our glasses of ‘cider alternative,’ and yet we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Happy Holidays! 

Arthur is an Ivy League Proletarian, which often leads to unique perspectives. One constant: “My next story will be my best story.”



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