Weekend Wardrobe Report

Weekend wardrobe report || 2.12.16  

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Valentine’s Day, yea or nah? ||  

Some choose to categorize Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark” holiday, consisting of eerily creepy, oversized stuffed animals and unwanted assorted chocolates. As for others, it’s this fairytale, whimsical day filled with love and candied hearts. I have mixed feelings about the craze over this holiday.

How are you choosing to spend this Valentine’s Day? A traditional dinner and a movie or a GNO with the ladies or maybe you’re feeling a night in with your furry companion and a few old school romcoms. Whichever route you choose, stay warm and enjoy.

Styling tip ||  A touch of masculine to a feminine look

The look I originally chose for this weekend was overly feminine. A jacquard textured a-line skirt, flats with a tiny kitten heel, paired with blush silk socks. When I spotted my reflection in the mirror I was overcome with a faint bit of nausea. It was just a little to girly for my liking.

In order to mix it up, I chose a gray basic turtleneck, which offers a unisex vibe and topped it off with a long blazer coat. The coat adds the structure and masculine touch that the look was longing for.

Pieces shown here ||  

Long blazer coat – Ralph Lauren

A-line skirt – Banana Republic

Extra long sleeves turtleneck – COS

Two-toned flats with kitten heel – Chanel

 Silk socks in blush – Rachel Comey | Encounter, Saratoga Springs

Chevron quilted bag – Chanel

Oversized shades - Prada


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Posted on February 13, 2016 .