The Saratoga Six: Leah Margolis Nathan

The Saratoga Six: Leah Margolis Nathan

Six inquisitive questions with Saratoga’s most interesting people.

By Alyssa McClenning

From her own labor of love 1920s cottage renovation on the West Side to working as lead designer on the Skyfall Residence (swoon), Leah Margolis of Leah Margolis Design is making her design mark in Saratoga Springs. We recently caught up with Leah over a cocktail at 15 Church.

 1. Tell us about your earliest Saratoga memory.

My earliest Saratoga memory was many, many years ago, having dinner at Professor Moriartys (now Cantina) during Skidmore College's Junior Admissions Workshop on a very cold and snowy January night. My father, a Skidmore alum, was hoping I'd love Saratoga Springs just enough to attend school and live here for four years. Little did he know, I'd return with my husband (also a Skidmore alum) and we'd make this our forever home.

2. The Saratoga Social was created to highlight the work of our local nonprofits. Which organization is most important to you?

SPAC! I joined SPAC’s Junior Committee when it all began. A lover of the arts, I knew the Junior Committee was the perfect way to get involved in our community. Having served as president, and now as past president, our goal has always been to get younger Saratogians excited about the arts and the classical season. Every year I'm amazed at all that we've accomplish. It's been incredible to watch the committee flourish over the last six years.

3. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish?

Who doesn't love/need a good cup of coffee?! Saratoga Coffee Traders is my shop of choice. My favorite visits are always early weekend mornings during the summer, before the crowds. We stop in, grab coffee and head to the track to watch the horses. 

4. What’s your dream renovation property – residential or commercial – in Saratoga Springs?

This question or questions like this come up in our house on a regular basis. How could it not? Saratoga Springs is filled with some of the most incredible history and interesting architecture. I love rehabbing and making the old fabulous again so my absolute dream renovation project would be to take an old mansion that has been chopped into apartments and condos over the years and to return it to a single family home. I’d love the challenge of bringing it back to its former glory, while also making it functional for today's modern family.

5. What’s the first app/website you open in the morning?

I wish I were more social media savvy. So while I'd love to say Instagram or Pinterest, work email is really where all of my time and attention goes – that's how I start my day. 

6. “I consider Saratoga’s greatest hidden gem to be…”

The Textile Studio on Grand Avenue in the Arts District. Their scarves and throws are beautiful and make the most wonderful gifts!

Posted on March 2, 2016 .