Bye-bye Winter Skin...

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Complexions Spa has some GREAT specials right now if you are looking for a little spring rejuvenation right now, including discounts on a lot of their medi-spa services that we are dying to try.

The thing is, lots of us over here at The Saratoga Social are pregnant as some of you know, which begs the question, exactly how much of a spring 'refresh' can you do while you've got a little bun in the oven....? I reached out to Dr Tauber with Deluca Plastic Surgery to ask and here's what he had to say... 

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life when her body undergoes a lot of changes. Some amazing, some… less so.

As a general rule of thumb, however, most cosmetic products and treatments are not tested or designed with the pregnant woman in mind – the risk isn’t worth the payoff. 

Most physicians recommend avoiding any unnecessary treatments including:

  •  Topicals such as firming creams or peels, because of risk of absorption into the blood stream and transmission to the fetus.
  •   Injectables such as facial fillers (Juvederm) and neuromuscular agents (Botox) because of similar concerns about systemic absorption.
  • Laser, light, and radiofrequency (Vela-Shape) treatments because the machines are not calibrated to account for the changes to the skin and underlying connective tissue and fat that occur with pregnancy.
  •  Dermabrasion procedures because of a similar concern with how a pregnant patient’s skin will respond to the treatment and the possibility of slower healing and infection.

I recommend maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine and avoidance of alcohol, smoking, and other drugs. I also advocate the use of natural facials, massage, and aromatherapy as a safe way to de-stress and get a little well deserved pampering.