A Fling Before Spring anyone? #YESPLEASE #flingbeforespring

I just left a meeting at Cantina finalizing all the details for Wednesday's Fling Before Spring and I almost feel bad for all the happily married people out there... almost...because this is going TO BE SO FUN. Ok, here are the details... 

What is a Fling Before Spring? One great night for all the unattached Saratogians to come and meet each other, drink, eat, talk and whatever happens after that... Totally up to you:)

Where/ When is it? Cantina Restaurant, 430 Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Caroline from 7-9pm this Wednesday night.

AND... because we are so excited about this, we'll be offering FREE 'Conversation Starter' shots, buy one get one margaritas, $3 draft beer AND lots of chips, salsa and guacamole to soak it all up with. Just please note... if you have a wedding ring on your finger, you're at the wrong event. Get excited, invite your friends and SEE YOU WEDNESDAY!!