The Spring Jacket Round-Up

Spring weather tends to be a bit manic. One day it's sunny, one day it's raining. At 10 it's 40 and at 3 it's 65. It's warm in the sun, but freezing in the shade. How are we supposed to dress for the day and maintain our inner thermostat? Well, layers of course. And what better outer layer than a light jacket- something that cuts the wind, at the very least, and maybe even keeps you pretty dry in a sudden spring squall. Barring the Gortex rain slicker (which clearly has its place but just doesn't rank very high on the fashion spectrum), we've picked a few of our faves as we try to draft our own wardrobe plan of attack on this tricky spring weather. 

1. The Field Jacket

Comfy and practical plus usually generous on the pockets, a field jacket is perfect for the woman (or man) on the move. Not particularly professional looking, unless you work for National Geographic or breed thoroughbreds, it is the SUV of spring outwear. It's rugged and has plenty of room for your stuff, but generally constructed of a waxed canvas that offers wind and some water resistance without being too warm. Barbour's Beadnell and J.Crew's Field Jacket are two of our faves. 

2. The Leather Jacket

I mean, we don't have to tell you why a leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have. Dress it up, dress it down, add a little edge to a LBD or a little polish to a pair of jeans, we love the leather jacket for it's fashion versatility. They may not be SUPER practical (getting it wet isn't ideal and you might want to avoid throwing it on with your Lululemons for post-gym errands, unless you are going for a My Cousin Vinny or Grease look) but they do rate high on the fashion spectrum for pulling your cuter spring looks together. Loving this pale pink Rebecca Taylor look for the warmer months and our perennial favorite black leather moto jacket from Zara (you can't beat the price and the leather is SO soft!). 

3. The Car Coat

Keep it light and you'll feel like a million bucks. The lighter version of winter's version, the spring car coat adds legitimacy to even our most lazy days. Wearing (cute) PJs? Perfect. Yoga leggings and sneaks? Great. Work wear? Even better. The length and cut of a good car coat elevates pretty much any look. We are loving this cotton fringe number from Anthropologie and the mod, plaid one above from Shop Bop. 

4. The Trench

Of course you can't talk about Spring outerwear without mentioning the trench coat. It kind of covers all of the basis. It takes your entire ensemble up a notch, it protects your from the elements, and it's pretty comfy. You can dress it up or down. What's not to love? We are eyeing these two styles form J.Crew as fun alternatives to the classic trench (which you can find almost anywhere). This cape-style trench is just TOO fun and we love the red trench for it's happy pop of color and gingham lining. Try not to sing in the rain wearing these. 

Wildcard: The Hybrid

And finally, this jacket. Somewhere between field jacket and a traditional rain coat, who doesn't love a black and white stripe?! But what really clinched it? The toile lining that peeks out of the hood. THE cutest. (Also available locally at Lifestyles.)

Posted on March 29, 2016 .