The IT LIST... is back! Starting top left and moving clockwise.. 

Meet the 'macaronut'...originally created by Chef Francois Payard in Paris, our own TC Paris, located in the Grand Pavilion Hotel has put their own delectable spin on them... you're looking at "Chocolate Hazelnut", "Pistachio and Rasberry Mousseline" and "Strawberry Mousseline"...

'Woman of the year' nominee Catherine Hover has some great fundraising events lined up for the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society this month, including an awesome downtown scavenger hunt, we're signed up, are you?? .. Check out the Paint it Forward Scavenger Hunt right here!

In the mood to try something a little different? We love this collaboration between Saratoga Botanicals and Saratoga Paint and Sip which combines meditation and intuitive art instruction...for more details, click here!

In case you didn't see the announcement earlier this week, Angelo Mazzone has a new restaurant opening in the former Mingle space on Lake Avenue and we hear it's going to be featuring seafood... YUM. 

Major Broadway shuffle going on... our favorite place for all things stationary and more, Paper Dolls, is moving into the Saratoga Marketplace at 454 Broadway. Going into their spot on Broadway is a second location for another one of our favorite Broadway retailers (we can't say just yet who though...). Also just opening in the former Aggie Mullaney space is FINDS, a high-end sample sale boutique and we hear a little further inside the marketplace we can expect a shoe store.. 

Kentucky Derby Day will be here before you know it and we know where we'll be watching.. at The Lodge for the first annual Derby Day Party to benefit Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar! Tickets just went on sale and will almost certainly sell out, read all about it right here..

Last but certainly no least, our friend & Saratoga Springs Filmmaker Charlie Samuels is completing a passion project 21 years in the making with his film, 'VIRGIN BLACKTOP: A New York Skate Odyssey'. Help him with his journey by checking out a trailer for the film and considering a contribution, right here!!