The Saratoga Six: Dave Kubikian

This week, I sat down for an Old Fashioned with one of the funniest and kindest guys I know, Dave Kubikan, a local father, husband, and attorney who specializes in trusts and estates at Herzog Law Firm. In addition to being an all-around cool guy, Dave also writes funny yet informative blog articles about the estate planning lessons to be learned from TV shows such as the Simpsons, Golden Girls, and even Beverly Hills 90210 (to name a few), in an attempt to make difficult topics and difficult conversations about estate planning easier to digest. Read on for Dave's answers to this week's six questions. 

By Chelsea Silver

1. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish? What is it?    

An Old Fashioned @ Hamlet & Ghost; the Fried Chicken @ Mouzon House.  A lot of competition for sure.

2.. The Saratoga Social was created to highlight the work of our local nonprofits. Which local organization is most important to you?

There are so many great causes in and around Saratoga. Make a Wish, Saratoga Hospital Foundation, Double H Ranch, Alzheimer's Association, to name a few, are all needed for what they do.  What has quickly become the most important to me, however, is the Capital District chapter of  AUSA (Association of the United States Army) which exists to help and honor our veterans.  

3. Would you rather: a. Win $1 million dollars at the track with the stipulation that you streak around the course directly before the Travers or 2. Get a private concert of your choice at SPAC for just you and your friends only if you sit through a 4- hour set by Nickelback beforehand. 

 Hmmm. I think it has to the second option.  First of all, there would be no "streaking", as in a fast movement.  I am no spring chicken and that is 8 furlongs for crying out loud.  You give me the Rolling Stones, my friends, and no crowds and I will give Nickelback my undivided attention for four hours.

4. What's the first app/website you open in the morning?

This time of year I always check a weather app first.  It is amazing how good a sunny 50 degree forecast can make you feel.  In terms of website, it is regrettably probably  You know the old saying, you can take the guy out of New York City but you can't take the NYC tabloid newspaper out of the guy.  Wait, that can't be right....  I love their headlines and as a die-hard Mets fan, I love their sports section.

5. "I consider Saratoga's greatest hidden gem to be..."

You are compromising the hidden gem-ness of this place by asking me but my favorite hidden gem is the Oklahoma track in the early morning in the weeks after the track season ends.  No crowd, no parked cars, horses everywhere and for some reason, it's always foggy.  It is a side of Saratoga that most tourists don't get to see and every time you pass by, it looks like a postcard.   

6. And finally, as a local attorney, any sage words of advice many Saratogians should know, based on your own observations? 

As an estate planning/elder law attorney, I have a lot of advice.  Most important though, meet with an estate planning attorney and get some basic documents in place to deal with all the bad things that happen in life (especially if you have children or are over 60).  You have health insurance, auto insurance and life insurance, not because everything is always perfect but because bad things happen.  Get a will, get a power of attorney, start thinking about preserving assets as you get older and how you will pay for your long term care.  It's not morbid to plan for the certainties in life.  It is simply being smart.  You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars with relatively simple planning ahead of time, or simply make sure that the right people get the right things when nature takes its course.  Oh and do not get your estate planning documents from a website.  They are important enough to make sure they are done well and they are based on informed decisions you make after meeting with a qualified and experienced attorney. 

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