The Saratoga Six: Jill Richardson

Six inquisitive questions with Saratoga’s most interesting people.

By Alyssa McClenning

Photographers are known for being behind the camera, not in front of it. This week, we flipped the lens on photographer, Jill Richardson. Known for her natural light work, Jill shared with us her ideal outdoor spot to shoot in Saratoga Springs.

1. Tell us about your earliest Saratoga memory.

I think it was a trip to Saratoga Race Track with my husband when we were just dating- it felt like a different world!  I loved all the people to watch and getting caught up in the spirit of the race.  I still have that feeling every time we are able to go to the track.  I also think the greatest thing about this town is it isn’t just the track - our family enjoys Saratoga Lake, the downtown area, and all of the area parks so much.

2. The Saratoga Social was created to highlight the work of our local nonprofits. Which organization is most important to you?

I can’t say enough great things about Peppertree Rescue Inc.  This organization is filled with the kindest people who really are advocates for dogs in need.   I worked with them personally last year, and I was so surprised with their genuine care and support. 

 3. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish?

My new favorite spot is Boca Bistro - I’ve been wooed by their paella.  I keep casually suggesting it as a place to go with friends, then I think about the meal for days beforehand.  It might be a problem. 

4. As mentioned, you specialize in natural light photography. Tell us about your go-to (now not-so) secret spot to shoot in Saratoga Springs?

As I bring more movement into my photography, I’ve been really looking for big spaces - places for families and kids run and play and really just be themselves.  I’m looking forward to using Spring Run Trail this year - with all of the covered bridges and interesting wooded areas (and the paved walkway for little feet) I think it will be a space I use often.  

5. What's the first app/website you open in the morning?

 Instagram - of course!  I love to look at all of the photos - from quick snaps to professional images - in such an easy forum. 

6. "I consider Saratoga's greatest hidden gem to be..."

 I loved the Lake Local last summer - I think Saratoga Lake is hugely untapped and I was thrilled to have a good place to eat right on the water.  I hope more places take advantage of the lake and the summer season here in Saratoga.

Posted on April 13, 2016 .