The Saratoga Six: Betsy Olmsted

Six inquisitive questions with Saratoga’s most interesting people.

By Chelsea Silver

This week we talk to Betsy Olmsted, a Skidmore alum who recently relocated her family and textile design studio to Saratoga Springs. Betsy creates gorgeous, vibrant home accessories and scarves from her own watercolor and gouache designs and her first book, Hand Printing Studio: A Visual Guide to Printing Almost Anything, debuts this month (with a book-signing at Northshire May 15!). Read on for a little more about this talented, local artist, wife, and mother of two boys...

1. Tell us about your earliest Saratoga memory.

One of my earliest memories of Saratoga is the smell and taste of Hawthorne spring.  I definitely made sure that my 5 year old son had the same experience.  

2. The Saratoga Social was created to highlight the work of our local nonprofits. Which organization is most important to you?

I am really excited about the renovation and plans for Universal Preservation Hall, adding another dimension of rich cultural and historical experiences the the city. 

3. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish? What is it? 

Well, I have a few favorites, but I have been known to fantasize about, and consume, an entire heaping platter of poutine from the Local. 

4. You are a Skidmore alum. How has your view of Saratoga changed from when you were a student going to college in town to living here as an adult with kids?

Well, I no longer spend most nights on Caroline Street!  As a student, I loved Saratoga, but as an adult and mother I can now appreciate the inner workings that create such a thriving town. I am excited to join the community.  

5. What's the first app/website you open in the morning?

Other than my email, I open Instagram to check out what creative ventures the people that I follow are up to. 

6. "I consider Saratoga's greatest hidden gem to be..."

the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College.  We are so fortunate to have this cutting edge museum in Saratoga. 

Posted on April 6, 2016 and filed under the saratoga six.