AMBER OUSTERHOUT is the owner of OBSESSIVISION, an Art, Design and Craft Studio and the Creative Director of The Saratoga Social Holiday Magazine

Creative director and founder, Amber Christian Osterhout, has always struggled to contain her creative side. This deep rooted trait is what lured her away from a promising career in medicine. With a background in biology, art and design, Amber tackles each project with both an analytical and creative perspective. A skill she honed and developed during her four years working in the medical & biotech field, ten years as designer & director of creative services at Shannon-Rose Design (specializing in branding) and lifetime as an artist. A self admitted introvert / people pleaser, Amber is not defined by her award winning work, rather, her ability to go above and beyond for her clients. Aside from running Obsessivision and raising two little ones, Amber is an accomplished painter who loves to sew, craft, cook, design lighting fixtures, reupholster and dabble in interior design. She recaps many of her creative endeavors here and sells hand crafted goods here.

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