A blissful Sunday afternoon at the DZ Farm

The Chefs at DZ Restaurants managed to order up a picture perfect autumn day on Sunday for their “Meet the Chefs” event at DZ Farm, to benefit the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga. If you haven’t been to the DZ Farm yet, it’s time to pencil it into your schedule, as not only does it source produce for the DZ restaurants, but it is as beautiful a backdrop for an event as one can imagine. 

Driving up through the brilliant autumn leaves into Galway, the farm is situated on 65 acres of rolling hills. Guests arrived on Sunday and were greeted with a glass of champagne and acoustic guitar music, as they strolled by a large koi pond and up the driveway to the property’s farmhouse. 

At the top of the driveway, the walkway lined with candle lit lanterns, we were greeted with a sumptuous spread of rustic appetizers that was a little preview of the feast to come. The large, cleared yard behind the farmhouse was filled with a picture perfect campfire surrounded by hail bails, inviting guests to sit down and warm up in the crisp autumn air. Brown’s Brewing Company had a bar set up on one end of the field with their signature IPA and ales as well as red and white wine. In front of the stables “The Saloon” had been set up, a full bar featuring delicious fall cocktails like a Harvest Daiquiri and Maple Manhattan.


Even in the midst of all the tempting beverages options it was still difficult to take your eyes off of the outdoor kitchen where an 125 lb pig, deboned earlier that morning, slowly cooked on a spit. It was lovingly tended too by Fabrizio Bazzani, head chef at Chianti Ristorante. All 4 DZ chefs had an entrée they were working on and the smells drifting over the farm were intoxicating.  We bumped into Mayor Joanne Yepsen enjoying the afternoon, as well as Angelo and Kate Calbone, Liz O’Brien, Lois Celeste, Kristin Mann, Ashley Dingeman, Daniel Berman and Barb Lombardo.  We left on Sunday with extremely full bellies and reminded ourselves to always, always say yes when asked to anything at the DZ Farm. 


For a full recap of the spectacular food, keep your eye on the Fussy Little Blog & for more pictures of the DZ Farm and Sunday's event go right over here!  

Posted on October 15, 2014 .