Fall Uniform/Saratoga Style

That familiar crisp is in the air and the leaves are gathering in the home stretch of the track. This casual style is perfect for popping into shops on Broadway, having a beer at Henry Street Taproom or deciding between the Eggs Benedict and the pancakes at brunch (always go with the Eggs Benedict, trust us).

Update these classics with a modern twist on a style staple like pearl stud earrings, a pair of boots that you'll wear forever (and get complimented on every time), and a splash of color around your neck from our perennial favorite, Lilly. We are all about the high waist this season, way more flattering than the low waist skinny that had dominated denim for the last decade. A little bit of flash on your phone will make that wait for the iPhone 6 more tolerable, and a monogrammed cuff in tortoiseshell is great for any season but looks perfect for fall with a chambray button down and fisherman sweater combo. Finally, a hold-it-all but not bulky tote in a muted navy will take you all the way through the holidays.

Posted on October 7, 2014 .