WEEKEND It List 11/21

Hang in there guys, it's almost Thanksgiving break time, and this week's IT LIST has a couple turkey day tips for you...

First, some outfit suggestions. These velveteen pants from JMcLaughlin are enough of a step up from jeans to count as "dressing for dinner" but are comfortable enough that you won't want to change post turkey.

Mark your calendars for the Holiday Party and Trunk Show at Silverwood Home & Gallery on Wednesday, December 6th featuring a brand we are completely obsessed with, Moon and Lola. We are loving their monogrammed necklaces, you'll be able to get a good sized chunk of your holiday shopping all in one night. Details to follow...

Our winter getaway planning is in full effect, and this winter we are heading up to the Lake House in Lake Placid, a newly renovated hotel with a gorgeous a modern yet rustic aesthetic. Picture apres ski hot toddies in the lobby overlooking the lake by a roaring fire.

Forget the Pinot Noir, we have some under the radar wines to bring to the table this Thanksgiving, guaranteed to have everyone asking you, "What was that called again?" as they tap it into their iPhone notes so they can pick some up for home. This one is Villa Pozzi Nero d'Avola which we picked up at Divine Wines at Healthy Living Market and Cafe last night. You're going to love it.

Oh hey, did you see our Premiere Issue yet? We had so much fun putting it together (those hangover cure recipes, both extremely informative and hilarious). Click here to get the full read.

How cute are these flowered gloves?! They've got them at Alpine Sport Shop, they were mobbed the other day when we dropped our skis and snowboards off to get tuned up for the season. Get in there pronto if you want to get yours ready.

Hood Egg Nog + Blanton's Bourbon = Holiday Cheer

If you are the only one you know that isn't listening to Serial yet, get caught up here so you won't be left out of holiday party conversations.

Baking is so fun and relaxing, or so we are told. What is actually even more relaxing is picking up your holiday pies from Healthy Living Market and Cafe ahead of time, you can even order online. May we suggest the Maple Cream Pie? It's a departure from the old standbys that you will be asked to bring year after year. Go ahead and lie and say you made it yourself. We won't tell.

Posted on November 21, 2014 .