Here, Drink This

If you're like us, you change your drinking habits seasonally. Time to put away those mojitos and Pimm's Cups and think cozy, sitting by the fire type drinks. We asked Eva from Divine Wines at Healthy Living Market and Cafe for some suggestions on some great chilly weather wines...

EVA: When thinking of fall wines, I automatically steer towards reds. There's something to be said about opening a bottle of a big, bold red wine that will complement this beautiful fall weather!

Typically Fall and Pinot Noir go hand in hand with each other. Pinot Noir has a nice balance of fruit and earthiness, with subtle warm undertones that are a great complement to the change of the season. Meiomi Pinot Noir, Johan, and Cooper Hill Pinot Noir are excellent examples! Also Beaujolais, and Syrah/Grenache based wines from the Rhone Valley in France pair perfectly with Autumn fare as well as those chilly nights. Kermit Lynch does a lovely Beaujolais, as well as La Grivelière does a delicious Côtes-du-Rhône. Wines from the Rhone valley usually have tannins that are soft enough to handle lighter foods, but will also stand up to meats and more heartier dishes.

Not a fan of red? There are many white wines that are very versatile for this time of year. A few that come to mind are Grillo from Sicily, Viognier, and Rhone style whites. La Vieille Ferme has a beautiful elegant white wine from the valley right next to the Rhone Valley. These wines are not your average run of the mill heavy wines that go well with the colder weather. These wines are beautifully balanced, and have that great bracing acidity that pairs perfect with heartier fare. If you're eating seasonally, it would make sense to drink seasonally, as well.

We couldn't agree more Eva, and thank you for the suggestions. Now to decide which one (okay, two) to try on this damp night.

Posted on November 6, 2014 .