TSS Gift Guides: Stocking Stuffers

Sarabeth's jam and La Salamandra Dulce De Leche in Milk Caramel, two delicious gifts from the Savory Pantry

Gouda ornament for your foodie friend

The best needlepoint sunglasses case we've ever seen

We adore British holiday sweets, find a ton at Putnam Market

A little flask for those key moments when you need just a little something, find one locally at Yoicks

An old favorite with the sweetest holiday bottle

We just adore Inslee Fariss' work, choose from any of her gorgeous prints for a thoughtful and unique gift

Consider this on our collective wish list, a gift certificate to Pin Ups Blow Bar

You won't believe the price on this gorgeous statement necklace from the Bauble Bar

A little Blanton's to mix with their 'nog

Gingerbread and Egg Nog macarons. Enough said. We will take a dozen apiece please

Gift certificate for Reform Pilates, also in our personal top three wish list items

Sriracha on the go, because this is genius

Mast Brothers Chocolate, delicious and still remains the chicest wrapping ever. Find it locally at Healthy Living Market and Cafe

Give Corgi socks this year and they will be put on the list permanently, find them locally at Yoicks

A Peppermint Pig to crack after dinner, because everyone always forgets to buy one and expects the other person to have one on hand, hammer at the ready

Snooty fox shot glasses, the cutest. Find them at Silverwood

No one, and we mean NO ONE, would turn down a spa gift certificate from Spa Cascada.

Loving this Crystal Earring Jacket set from Lola Boutique

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Posted on December 16, 2014 .