From the Magazine: Hattie's at Home {THANKSGIVING!}

When Chelsea and I were brainstorming Thanksgiving ideas for our holiday magazine we must have been hungry and basically started asking ourselves 'Whose house would we MOST want to crash for Thanksgiving dinner...?'. It pretty much took half a second for us to both say 'HATTIE'S!'. Beth and Jasper Alexander were so gracious to indulge our Thanksgiving fantasy, and a few short weeks later our creative director and photographer for this shoot, Amber, Chelsea and I found ourselves in the Alexander's kitchen.

The most beautiful meal I've nearly ever seen was in front of us and Amber got busy snapping photos with Chelsea's direction and I basically chatted Jasper's ear off while silently praying we would maybe, maybe be able to taste the food after the shoot. Well, our Thanksgiving fantasy came full circle when Beth and Jasper gave us big dinner plates and told us to go to town; every last bite was just as delicious as it looks here and I know all three of us are making the recipes featured in the magazine for our family Thanksgiving this week. Included in the magazine are Beth's tips for decor and how she created such an elegant, traditional feel on her table, as well as the recipes for Caramelized Shallots and Brussel Sprouts, Turkey Stock, Italian Sausage Stuffing, Cardamom and Vanilla Bean Cranberry Sauce and how to brine your turkey. If you're having a crowd this Thursday or want to cut down time in the kitchen, you can also pick up all the sides & pies you need right from Hattie's, just give them a call or email and they'll get your meal rounded out perfectly. And in the meantime, feast your eyes on Hattie's at Home: Thanksgiving and head to one of these locations to pick up an issue of our Holiday Issue and get cooking!

Posted on November 23, 2015 .