PARTY RECAP: History Museum Gala

In the very busy first week of December, one of the standout events was the annual Saratoga Springs History Museum Holiday Gala. The historic Canfield Casino is the perfect venue for the party, as the event helps to underwrite the History Museum’s mission to foster public education and chronical the history of Saratoga Springs. The well attended evening was full of Saratogians showing their support for the Museum and ready to kick of the holiday season, lead by this year’s honorary chairpersons Julie and Sonny Bonacio.  The music of The Accents added to the festive spirit of the event with Mark Baker of the City Center enjoying cutting a rug along with Kathleen and Andy Fyfe, Mary Lou and Charlie Wheeler, and others.  Brett Balzer and his wife Terri checked out the silent auction items while Julie Bonacio, in her stunning blue gown, bid, on an Adirondack Get-Away at the Owaissa Club.  Libby Smith-Holmes was interested in SPAC’s Philadelphia Orchestra tickets and as always, the black and white historic George S. Bolster Collection photos were popular. Several of the Bolster prints from winters of Saratoga’s past are currently featured in the Saratoga Social Magazine, provided generously by the Museum.  

Kate Jarosh, president of the History Museun, in a beautiful red gown made opening remarks and thanked Sonny, Julie, and Bonacio Construction for their generous support.  Sonny said a few brief words about the significance that the Canfield Casino has to him and Julie personally because they were married there and the importance of the History Museum to the Saratoga Springs community.  Spotted in the crowd were Sonny’s brother Tony and his wife Jill, Julie’s sister Cara Carley,  Mark and Elisa Haworth, Larry and Beth Novik, and Bill and Alex Willard. 

Others got into the spirit by playing roulette and blackjack, the winner of which got to take home a wine refrigerator at the end of the evening.  Jamie Parillo, Executive Director of the Saratoga Springs History Museum, along with his wife Kristen, enjoyed watching the successful evening unfold and all of the community support for the Museum's mission.  Also spotted at the Gala were Jeff and Deane Pfeil, Commissioner of Public Works Skip Scirocco and his wife Corrinne, Scott Peterson and his wife Giovanna D’Orazio, John and Mimi Carusone, Matt Veitch and his father Mike Veitch, Deputy Mayor Joe Ogden, County Supervisor Peter Martin, Mike and Amy Tuck, Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan and her husband Kevin.  

Posted on December 15, 2015 and filed under PARTY RECAPS.