Our Instagram Favorites This Week

Clockwise l-r: @derekblasberg because he gives the most stylish behind the scenes peeks and we are pretty sure he knows everyone, everywhere. @foodintheair because it helps us decide what we want for lunch and GIVE ME THAT BAGEL IMMEDIATELY. @terryleahyjr because, well we aren't sure yet. But he makes us laugh. Laugh WITH you Terry, not at you, we swear. @societysocial because she is just the cutest and we want to live in her instagram.

Clockwise l-r: @airbnb because we need a break from ALL OF THE SNOW. @fussylittleblog because Daniel if we include you in this will you please post more? We need more Fussy Little Blog pics on insta, really. @micaelaeenglish because we have a major want to be her/want to be her best friends with her thing going on right now. @violetssaratoga because they have your weekend outfit covered.



Posted on February 20, 2015 .