(Wishful thinking) Spring Style

Because eventually it HAS to actually be spring, right?

clockwise from top left...

Some say (okay it's us, we say it) that you can wear your Barbour year round and you of course CAN, but Spring is especially Barbour-y weather where you can throw it on with a lighter top and be ready for any sort of "in like a lion" weather. Find yours at Yoicks.

Pair a classic Barbour with some classic sunglasses, the old standby Raybans in tortoise green look perfect with anything, any time.

We used to be staunchly anti-hat (except at the track, of course) but recently have fully embraced the idea of hats year round as well as the idea of being able to hide post-Pilates hair as stylishly as possible. Find this fedora here.

JEANS (loving J Brand and anything high waisted, find some to try on and love at Violet's)

This scarf is sort of everything, the ski motif says yes it's still chilly but the green says yes at some point you will be able to go outside for longer than fourteen seconds soon.

There's really nothing better than Frye boots and these are just gorgeous. Find them locally at Violet's.

While we might be primarily preppy and maybe a tad traditional in our styling for the most part, we love a little bold accessory, and this ear cuff is the perfect bit of flash. On our wish list? This pavé-encrusted tusk earring. LOVE.

Finally, a little simple low pony tied with a basic navy grosgrain ribbon is always the sweetest. No bows here, just tie it once and let the ends loose. Out like a lamb, indeed.

Posted on February 24, 2015 .