Our Instagram Favorites this Week

Clockwise from top left:

Girl Crush alert: @indrerock we love you and want to be your best friend (and borrow all of your clothes). The sweetest insta around, @elleventy please make us some cookies this weekend. @shannonrosedesign posts some gorgeous Saratoga photos, some of which you might not even recognize at first glance. It's a beautiful way to fall back in love with our city (especially while it's covered in all this snow). 100% pure, unadulterated style and glamour, @thelsd.

@peabodystoga We love seeing where your glasses go, even if we are a little jealous of the beach photo. @thewannabefoodie Sure, we like her food pics, but OMG that dog! We love. @verytroubledchild Because we have a love for Wes Anderson's style that will never be quashed (also, Scalamandre print). @saratogasperrys Instagram account is just like the restaurant itself: classic, thoughtful, with just the right amount of fun.

Posted on February 27, 2015 .