our biggest decision today..

Watching the snow melt puts us in the mood to celebrate & we've got Hattie's on the brain this week. Surely you have entered our giveaway already, but if you haven't you still have time (just through tomorrow, so don't wait too long). We are headed over to Hattie's patio tonight for dinner and we have little admission.. we aren't doing fried chicken. OK, STOP PANICKING! We remain forever devoted to Jasper Alexander and without question the best fried chicken in the country, but getting back into summer clothes is on our minds (requirement of the job!). But what we love about Hattie's is that there is always something delicious for us to eat that is on the lighter side. The Mason Jar Salad is adorable and delicious and paired with their crab cakes is a total home run and our person favorite is the warm arugula dinner salad- pulled chicken, roasted pecans, smoked bacon and lemon maple vinaigrette. We've also always been impressed with their rotating fish special where we've had everything from pan-roasted trout, southern red snapper to grilled chilean salmon.


Red Snapper 

Another fave: Cajun Pasta

We are counting the minutes until we can get out, enjoy the sunshine and one of our favorite Saratoga spots.

Buckets & Beer Special- this little guys only $1!Comes with a bucket of chicken for $12- dinner starts at 5pm!

Posted on March 11, 2015 .