So this was a nice surprise..

I am closing in on the end of my ten week Reform Pilates Challenge and can't believe I only have 3 out of my 30 hours left to complete. Instructor Amy Burton will assess my progress next week  and I'll have the full results of my ten weeks in my final post next week. In the meantime, I have to touch on the topic of  Pilates and golf. I  play golf about once a week with my husband in the spring and summer very casually (white wine & snacks are always involved). I've only played about 2-3 times this spring and it was back at the end of April during one of the little heat waves we've been having. So we were excited to sneak out yesterday afternoon to the Golf & Polo Club for a  quick nine, but way more excited when II teed up on the first hole and drove the ball really, REALLY far. My swing also felt different, I was way more connected with my clubs and for the next 8 holes I tee'd up and hit one drive after the next sraight down the course, from about 200 up to 220 yards. 

I was having ball and trying to figure out what had changed since I played in April. It also felt like I was playing a totally different game, there was this new element of athleticism I couldn't place. Walking down three, it dawned on both of us what had changed and it was so obvious, but at the same time I never would have expected it. With each backswing I brought the club down to meet the ball &  the whole right side of my body was working like a giant spring. I was using all the strength I have developed on on the sides of my torso to wind up and then just slam the ball. 

I was holding onto the club harder, using so much more strength while approaching the ball and was also controlling my follow through and finish without wobbling or losing my step. I've been gabbing away since then about my great golf day & was reminded how the Skidmore Golf Team comes to Reform and I can see why. On our way out of the Club , I also ran into Reform Pilates member Keith F. on the range who beat me to the punch,  saying how much his game has improved since he began.  Standby for next week's post on how and what all the results are of the last ten weeks! 

Posted on June 5, 2015 .