It's day one of our Travers Style Guide & we've asked Chelsea Silver, owner of Silverwood Home & Gallery to give us her go-to accessory picks for this Saturday & we're loving them ! Check them out below- 


Ah, summer in Saratoga… a little luxe, a touch of prep, and a nod to the equestrian make for the perfect Track outfit. While conjuring my dream Travers accessories, I of course pulled from two of the big guns- after all, there isn’t anything more equestrian-chic than Gucci and Hermes (and Ralph, of course, but I’ll be giving him plenty of attention come Fall). However, a little “bit” goes a long way, and Gucci is not the only game in town… bits (or snaffles) and stirrups are always a classic detail that gives the nod to the ponies without horsey- overload, and can be found in every budget. With that said, I would only wear 1-2 pieces with an equine edge at a time. A nod to the equestrian is much cuter than a full-on bow. 


1. A wedge will get you through a day at the Track without agony and blisters. An espadrille wedge is practically a slipper! These cuties by Gucci can be found here. 

2. I love that Rebecca Minkoff’s little cross body bags come in so many fun colors. Also, let’s face it- how can you hold a clutch when you’ve got a cocktail in one hand and a Shack Burger in the other? Strap- yes please! Get one here or locally at Lola Accessories Boutique.

3. Hermes. Enamel. Cuff. Need I say more

4. And if Hermes is a little over budget, maybe one of these bench-made cuffs by Rebecca Ray will do the trick! Get them locally at Silverwood. 

5. These diamond stunners are Gucci… They are gorgeous, but probably more of an aspirational Travers accessory for most of us. I will instead rock my $15 versions from Silverwood. Bonus, ours come in silver AND gold! 

6. If I decide to throw caution to the wind and just deal with a clutch or shoulder bag, it will be woven, have a giant grosgrain bow, and feature an adorable stirrup, snaffle, or fox head. I just can’t get enough of these bags for summer time. (Available at Silverwood)

Posted on August 25, 2015 .