All about our cover..

You asked, we answered! 

One of the things we were most excited to share with you in our first print magazine, was the cover artwork and subsequently the number one question we get is how and where did it come from.

Robin got stuck on the idea of an homage to her favorite New Yorker cover back in December, (WELL before we'd even decided to move ahead with publishing something in print). We loved the opportunity to salute our city, coupled with the whimsy, tongue in cheek style of Saul Steinberg, but we were stuck on where to find the right illustrator for several months. Low and behold, the artist we found to do the cover ended up being Robin's next door neighbor, who she and her kids walked by and said hello to about a million times a day. When they sat down on her porch one afternoon in early summer to discuss it, we knew almost instantly we'd found the right person to bring the idea to life. Many, many afternoons and glasses of lemonade later, we had our masterpiece from C.A.M. - sorry to disappoint all of you who have asked, but the artist has asked us to keep her name private. It was important to us that she get some recognition for her gorgeous work however, which is currently for sale at Northshire Bookstore, Lifestyles of Saratoga Boutique and Silverwood Home and Gallery. Thank you C.A.M. for your brilliant work!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.33.38 PM.png
Posted on August 9, 2015 .