A Summer to Fall Reboot was needed: 3 Days of Juice

There are a few times of the year when we always feel like a little 'reset' is needed and one of those times is always the transition from the over indulgence of Summer, into Fall. This year to help us reboot I tried a juice cleanse from Saratoga Juice Bar which I started on Monday and for three days, it was juice from sun up to sun down. How'd I fare? Read on...

The cleanse itself consisted of 6 juices each day, that I picked up first thing Monday morning. I have to give it to Saratoga Juice Bar for the ease of ordering, picking up and carting around the juices. Six are packed in an adorable little cooler bag and the containers themselves are just easy to throw in your bag if you're on the go. This cleanse was LONG overdue and I'll readily admit that day one was a little hairy.. I was hungry, a bit headachey and my mood was.. well touchy. But bear in mind this is the experience of a total white sugar lover, so for the non-candy addict my guess is the transition into day one of the juice cleanse would be a little smoother. After making my way through a cranky Monday, on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty pleased with myself.. I had one day under my belt, my belly was feeling flatter already after a day of juice and I was surprisingly pumped to keep going. Without question, one of the things that made the cleanse ultimately so do-able and contributed to my day two optimism was that the juice itself was really, legitimately yummy. The juices all have a really nice range of sweet, earthy and tart flavor that balance nicely and helped satiate my sugar cravings. The picture above is what I was drinking every day, waking up to The Spirit of Life and finishing the day with the Saratoga Lemon. The Saratoga Juice bar also uses a raw, cold process to juice and each 16 oz bottle has a minimum of 5 lbs of fresh produce in it, so you can DEFINITELY feel good about what you are putting in your body. So, back to day two...one of the things that I started noticing was that when you're only drinking juice, the food I was craving was ridiculously healthy, totally out of the norm for me. For example, come dinnertime on Tuesday I would have killed for some grilled vegetables and started dreaming about cooking up some squash or mushrooms or really any of the produce in my kitchen. On a non-juice cleanse day come dinnertime if I'm dreaming about food it's usually cheese-based or needs to be uncorked...but at that point on Tuesday, it was easy to have the resolve to stick with the juices, because who wants to nuke the whole day by straying?

This is the cleanse I opted for, they have lots of options but I am DEFINITELY still a beginner:)

This is the cleanse I opted for, they have lots of options but I am DEFINITELY still a beginner:)

By Wednesday, I was basically skipping around town just excited to have three days of healthy living under my belt and remembered why I need to do resets like this. Healthy choices just lead to more healthy choices in my book. If I start the day with apple jacks (yup, that has happened) it is just downhill from there and next thing I know I'm eating marshmallows for lunch and popsicles for dinner. Starting your day with a Spirit of Life however, produces the opposite effect! By last night I felt really invigorating and recharged. Additionally, there's just no way to not feel pretty darn thin after three days of juice and I was about 6 lbs lighter this morning than I was on Monday.  Personally, doing a juice cleanse to lose weight wasn't my main motivation- by all accounts, this might be a quick fix if you've got a big event coming up, but MUCH more importantly what it will do is jumpstart a healthier, fall diet. Eating a banana this morning as opposed to diving into a bowl of white sugar felt like a treat, as opposed to a sacrifice. If you're interested in doing a cleanse with Saratoga Juice Bar, check it out online or pop in to talk it through with them... if you've never done one before, we found the Juice Bar's staff to be super accommodating in terms of answering all of our questions and making recommendations. So in my book, this was a total mission accomplished. I needed a little reset and got that and more... I look forward to doing it again come January 1st, if not sooner!

Posted on September 24, 2015 and filed under health.