Heads Up!

You’re worth it. It's important to our health and happiness to believe in our respective value. This is not always easy. A new year often means new resolutions to break or a drunken declaration to “Stay Awesome” (which obviously has tremendous value) but what about the resolutions we make quietly to ourselves so we aren’t scorned or feel shame when we fail – to be better, to be our best selves. This begins with believing you are better, believing in your awesomeness.

I am here to deliver some great news. This feeling is as easy as keeping your head up when you read or receive an affirmation. Researchers have demonstrated that believing in yourself may be as easy as sitting up straight. It turns out that people are more likely to believe in the affirmations made by themselves and others if they receive that information with their head up – no slouching. Slouching, as our moms have always told us, leads not just to a lackluster impression but it also limits our cognition and our ability to recognize our own self worth. 

Hold your head up high when you tell yourself how awesome you are and reward yourself for small victories like getting the kids off to school dressed appropriately, packing a healthy lunch, finding a good parking space, or going for a walk – all great things. Let your shoulders roll back naturally as you discover the joy in owning daily achievements. A little bit of self-love goes a long way and if you think you're worth it, then own it. I am giving you permission to take five minutes every day to improve your health and wellness just by standing up, picking your head up and acknowledging your awesomeness. Because (we can't say this enough) you’re worth it.  

By Saratoga Social Contributor Itorye Silver

Posted on February 5, 2016 .