The Saratoga Six: Katie Nemer

Six inquisitive questions with Saratoga's most interesting people 

By Alyssa McClenning

Katie Nemer, one-half of the inspiring duo who pen the blog, Adventures in Co-Parenting, knows a thing or two about balancing family life, work, and community investment. She also happens to be one of the most refreshing, down-to-earth people we know. We recently caught up with Katie, sans Cocoa (more on that later), at Max London's.

1. Tell us about your earliest Saratoga memory.

Waiting tables in track season at Tiznow on Henry St in my early 20s. It was chaotic and crazy and I loved every minute.

2. The Saratoga Social was created to highlight the work of our local nonprofits. Which organization is most important to you?

The work I commit to every week is with my dog Cocoa. He is a certified therapy dog through the Share-A-Pet organization and together we visit Lake Avenue Elementary School as well as Saratoga Hospital. Honestly, I don't really do anything... Cocoa does everything.  At school he sits with kids who need encouragement reading. At the hospital he instinctively knows when someone wants to see him, and if a patient can't reach him he will lean up on their bed so they can. Watching him help people has been an incredibly rewarding experience. And I'd be lying if I said I haven't personally tapped into his services; at the end of a long day I just come home and literally climb on my dog. He's a good listener.

3. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish?

Sunday brunch... Max London’s... cod cakes and a bellini…. yum

4. Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and while we can easily rattle off all the adult-appropriate hot spots, what are some of your go-to activities with kids for the long weekend?

The Memorial Day parade in downtown Saratoga Springs is always great and I know my kids will end up at Plum Dandy at some point!

5. What's the first app/website you open in the morning?

Being a real estate agent with very active clients, I review the Capital Region MLS every morning over my coffee. I’ve made nice with Zillow despite its notorious zestimate inaccuracies (bane of an agent’s existence) so I usually check that out for a minute too.

6. "I consider Saratoga's greatest hidden gem to be..."

Last year I was lucky enough to be introduced to Universal Preservation Hall and the incredible group of people involved there, and eventually came to join their Board of Directors. I strongly encourage people to go there; volunteer, see a show, or just tour the building and get acquainted with what we are about to do- a capital campaign is currently underway for the major renovation to turn it into a state-of-the-art theatre for everyone to enjoy year round, which is very exciting for Saratoga. Even as it is now, when you walk up the stairs to the great hall the building’s energy will consume you. If you ever go to watch a show or hear music you will get completely sucked in.