Moment of Me: The Wonders of Watermelon

The Wonders of Watermelon

Our monthly Moment of Me by our health and wellness guru, Itorye Silver

Photo credit RecipeHub,com

Photo credit RecipeHub,com

Summer can sometimes feel like a mad dash to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. The result is often overindulgence in what I like to call “sometimes food”, be it cocktails, ice cream or a bit of fried whatever (chicken, chips, etc.).  This food is difficult to digest and can leave us feeling bloated, nauseous or irritable. Combine that with the heat of the day and it’s a receipt for “ugh”.  Summer can promote an idea that it is necessary to spoil ourselves to increase our overall enjoyment and it is, but how we choose to spoil ourselves will define our next morning and our ability to age well.   The key to indulgence is moderation and knowing how to balance the “yuck” with the “yum”.  Eat the season’s harvests and notice the benefits. Our local farmers’ market is filled with great choices. To combat the not so good choices that you and your children will make this summer, here comes watermelon to the rescue!

In Chinese medicine foods have energetic properties like their stronger herbal compatriots, as well as specific healing capacities. Watermelon is said to clear heat from the heart, bladder and stomach.   It does this by being both cooling and nourishing the fluids of the body to promote urination and to essentially drain heat.  This is very effective in clearing summer heat from the body, which is great when you’re feeling all hot and bothered. Watermelon is an easy fix because summer heat can manifest in a variety of ways - not just irritability but also sores, dry mouth, edema and difficult urination. Heat can also cause constipation, and watermelon is a wonderful antidote for this as well.  My favorite quality is it’s calming effect on the spirit and its ability to help ease frustration, restlessness and worry, which is why I love to use it as a cocktail mixer as well. Cheers to that! 


Posted on June 30, 2016 and filed under moment of me.