Perfecting The Porch Party

This was hands down my absolute favorite shoot for our summer magazine and it's pretty easy to see why... Circular Manor's spectacular Saratoga Porch, decorated by Schuyler Pond at Scallions owner Amanda Crames with food & drink from Hamlet & Ghost adds up to a seriously good time and the PERFECT porch party. Keep reading for design and style tips from Amanda and recipes from Hamlet & Ghost for all the delicious food & drink on the next few pages. We also had not one, but two very talented photographers with us-  Megan Mumford who shot the piece for the magazine and Lisa Miller whose Foal Project Photography was displayed on Circular Manor's porch. All these things combined with the fabulous company of Chelsea, Giovanna, Scott, Matt, Rachel, Colleen, Lars, Lisa, Dieter & Michele = one heck of a good time. Cheers to porch season & the perfect porch party! For more from The Saratoga Social Magazine, pick up a copy of our summer issue, on sale now!

Posted on August 4, 2016 and filed under MAGAZINE.